Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Searches, and a newsflash

Since it is the beginning of a new(and hotter) month, that means it is officially time for the most random search term game.

In the last month I have had some fun posts.

* Furniture P0rn

* Prom Memories (okay technically not may but its my blog my rules)

* Duck ling Posts

And much, much more.

So I was curious to see what tricked, dragged, brought people here, besides my constant nagging, requests, me.

Oh, and toward the end of this week I'll be hitting my 200th post. Would you rather see a 100 things list, or do a down and dirty Q & A session?

Of course there was the usual:

* Goat shelter, Goat Farmer

The variations of squirrels:
* Army Squirrels

* Crazy Squirrels

* Sexy Squirrels (is there such a thing???)

Variations on naming:

* Duckling Names

* Name Poll

* Boy goat names/ goat names

A Few intriguing ones:

* Mucus plug (gee I hope you were looking for goat mucus plugs)

* Stringy Hair (hmmm I just got it cut, and colored, thought I had more body to it now, guess not?)

* Things found in a purse (i did a post on that eons ago.)

* Poker Coloring Pages(do I even DARE ask?)

* I got in a fight with a goat (I'm sorry, what did you say to it?)

* Bridle Boxer (I have a BriNdle one)

* I pick my hair (hmm I think there's a program for that)

* Is it a boy duck or girl duck (I may do a series of photos on this one)

The MOST intriguing search term to lead to THIS blog goes to *drum roll*

* Dirty birthday wishes. (Hmm, nope, not here, sorry)


Now onto the newsflash portion of today's blog. We had our last kid of the year arrive safe and sound today. It is a little brown girl who weighs in at approximately 6 lbs.

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David said...

Great news on the new kid arrival.
Post was funny as hell