Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I took a Giant leap of faith today

As you may know I've recently been dabbling in photography a bit more since I got shiny new Mr. Cannon in November.

I'd gotten a few shots that had friends and acquaintences in awe so today when I logged online and saw that Google was running a contest for student photographers, I decided to enter. I figure the worst that can happen is that I not make the short list. Right?

I'm up for the Google Photography Prize

By the way on the off chance I do win, I guess I should learn who Martin Parr is, hunh?

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Kirk that they don’t want you to see

In case you don’t follow me on twitter, you may not have heard that I recently finally figured out a name for my ducks outside. (the adults)


The female we’d just been calling ‘duck’ for a while became “Smedley Ducker” (it was just too funny NOT to get used.)

5-15-09 050


As you may recall Smedley was a part of the ill fated group of ducklings from last spring. She has been through a lot in the past year. She survived the first culling by raccoons with just a bit of a limp, and then survived the later culling by an unknown predator that left her re-injured and limping again.


Shortly after she recovered from that I got her a ‘friend’ who was supposed to be a female *insert my snort of derision for the idiots who sold me the duck here*  turns out? Not so much. That female was in reality not only NOT a Blue Swedish(like Smedley) but also NOT a female.

He? Is an Indian Runner(a duck that looks like a wine bottle on legs) and very much a male.  The pair of them live out in the chicken yard with the 20 + regular chickens we have. He? Is interested in every single one of them.

5-15-09 051

5-15-09 044 

As you can see Kirk is tall, dark and handsome (every woman’s dream duck ;) ) but he seems to forget that he is a DUCK and they are CHICKENS and have their very own roosters should they feel the need to get frisky. Of course he usually forgets this right about the time company shows up to the house and is wandering around the property looking at the various critters.

Its ALWAYS fun to explain to strangers WHY he is chasing those chickens. Especially when those strangers tend to be little kids.

Last weekend Kirk and Smedley became the proud parents of two new ducklings(that were ‘imported’) a gorgeous little Blue Swedish, and a handsome little Rouen. 

5-15-09 031

The Swede is on the left the Rouen on the right.

We also picked up 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 2 Arucanas/Americanas (the green/pink egg layers) and 2 Marans.  These 6 moved outside today along with the other two blue Swedes that I picked up about a week and a half ago. (Pictures of the group are from right after we got the new Swedes).


5-7-09 007

5-7-09 008

5-7-09 006

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ducks, ducks everywhere, yet not a duck to spare

5-7-09 005

5-7-09 006

5-7-09 007

5-7-09 008


    Today saw the arrival of two new ducklings to the poultry clan. They join the other two ducklings who are already chilling in the cage with the chicks and are yet un-named. So this will bring us to a total of 6 ducks.

4 Blue Swedish

1 Runner(seriously he needs some therapy)

and a Rouen.


Ought to be an interesting mix.


Neither of the older two ducks are named as nothing has quite seemed right(even though I’ve had the older swede for almost a year now) so any suggestions are welcome.


Oh and if you recall last year about this time:


5-12-08 006

5-12-08 003

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life’s little Ironies

So today in English class the Professor of DOOM! handed back our Personal Essays that we wrote approximately 3 weeks ago now.  When I’d originally gotten mine back I had FREAKED out because of how many changes and edits the Prof wanted. Then I spent a whole weekend editing and ripping my hair out and re-editing, and revising until it was ‘perfect’.


Today when he handed it back he looked at me and asked:

PoD: “So have you ever been published?”
me: “Uhm, no, no I have not. I’ve submitted but never been published.”
PoD: “Oh. Well you should change to an English Major. You’re good at this”

me: o..0 “Uh…Okay, sure whatever.”


I felt like being all “yes, I’ve been published and that is totally why I am in this REMEDIAL English(okay, actually I am taking it by choice as I could have tested out of it but decided not to) class.


Was a little peeved that the PoD didn’t seem to notice my comment about the book we are reading that flat out called the book despicable. Though it may have just been the cloak and dagger I used to disguise it when I was jabbing it into his precious title.