Sunday, December 21, 2008

You might be a country girl if.....

you have a goat wandering around your kitchen.

12-21-08 (8)

12-21-08  (7)

12-21-08  (5)

12-21-08 (16)

You all may remember CARTER. She has been a pain in my butt since she was born and is most famous for convincing everyone she'd decapitated a leg.

Last night she took her accomplishments to a whole new level. She nearly died of hypothermia.

See we have a lot of this on the ground:

12-19-08 029

Which means its really cold. We've had so much snow in the last several days that it was actually taller than her.  So at some point yesterday she must of gone out in it and gotten chilled.

Late last night I stepped out to see if the new bout of snow had arrived, and happened to hear a weak cry coming from the barn. I wasn't dressed at all for the weather(just had 'indoor' clothes on) so I grabbed some boots and quickly rushed out to the barn and found her curled up under the hay bunk.

Brought her in and started warming her up from some horridly cold temp(no idea what as I was more concerned about her than what I was working from but it was well below 94 degrees).

Got her to warm up and pulled her through, but now she is stuck living in the house until the snow melts a little or she grows whatever happens first.

Monday, December 8, 2008

An open letter to Lacey

Dear Lacey,

Yesterday, you welcomed my new favorite little man into the world. While I have yet to meet the wonderful(and assuredly adorable) Jordan, I wanted to share a few thoughts.

First of all welcome to the club. Motherhood, is a wonderful and eventful journey and you are now a card carrying member of us. You will do wonderfully, and raise a wonderful, brilliant little boy who will grow up and amaze us all someday of this I am sure.

Motherhood, is a long and winding road that will take you to your highest highs, and your lowest lows, but in the end it will be all worth it. Just remember no matter what that there are people who care for and love you.

Remember to always trust your gut, but listen to your heart, think with your head and love with your words. Don't be afraid to speak up when the need arises(though knowing you this won't be a problem) and always do what you know is right for him. No one knows him better than you and you will do no wrong by him if you just raise him the way you know.

Guide him gently, but don't be a wallflower parent. Grow with him, and discover the world again(who knew a leaf could be so beautiful?) his eyes will open yours to a world you never imagined.

Let him lead you, and teach you, for with him your world is about to expand to places you never knew. That's not just a cloud, or a bush or a blade of grass, listen and you will see.

Hold him close, and snuggle him count his fingers, and toes.

And remember- I'm here if you need me, just a phone call away no matter the day, the hour or the reason.

Now go have some fun with that baby.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meetings, Schedules, and general crazy abounds

So as you may recall earlier this year I taught and helped to host the CLE/CWS for one of my volunteer organizations.

There are several branches of this organization, and one of the other branches does/did something similar the CLW that is traditionally held in October.


This year they didn't have enough time, energy or resources to put it on so it has been shifted into a YoCL for 2009.

I had heard that they were having a hard time getting people to help their committee so I said that as a Board Member I would step up and attend and assist them in anyway possible.

Last night was our 3rd meeting and it looks like it is going to be a great year for them and their program(aside from the budget cuts county wide).


Though being involved in both CLW AND CLE/CWS has become a bit challenging.

First of all there is the similarity of names(workshop vs. expo) and both have meetings semi-regularly.

This week was an interesting challenge in that both committee's had meetings the CLW last night and the CLE/CWS tomorrow night. I also still have class until Dec. 2nd and get to juggle that in as well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Squirrel Fiction is now live

Squirrel blog advert

Just wanted to say that if you want to check out what I've been doing lately this is probably the place to go.

See a number of months ago I got involved in writing for a group of my friends the "Squirrels" over on the Dgeek forum.

Originally I was planning on just writing one story and calling it quits. Then I discovered how much fun it was to write the stuff(as you get to intermix real people into fictional situations). So I kept writing it.

The I discovered Photoshop and started making banners and art for fun.

Nikki and I were creating so much content that it started to overwhelm her personal blog where we had been publishing so she set up the New home of Squirrel Fiction.

Squirrel Fiction Network is a fun place to drop by have a good laugh and kick your feet up. So if you feel so inclined to- drop by say hi! But be warned our inner geeks are out in full over there :D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Of Butterflies, and Dive Bombers

So as I mentioned a couple days ago, Burbank is fast approaching.

This fact really hit me the other night when I took the time to pack my suitcase since I won't have much time this week.

For some reason every committee I'm involved in decided that *THIS* would be the perfect week to have meetings. Normally I wouldn't stress over having 2 meetings plus class in one week, except for the fact that all these things are happening on the same nights of the week.

Monday night I have no plans.

Tuesday we have therapy, then I have class, then I go out to Whidbey Island for the WSU LA CLW planning meeting.

Wednesday night I work. I have to get as many of Thursday's tubs done Wednesday night, then hopefully some of Friday's as well.

Thursday we have therapy, then I have class, then I drive back to town and attend the WSU LA CLE/CWS planning meeting then come home and finish whatever tubs I didn't earlier. Then I have to check my email, print my boarding pass for the Airporter, the Plane, and the confirmation for the hotel.

In related news, the nervous butterflies have turned into fully armed Dive Bombers that are doing aerial acrobatics in my stomach.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wonderful fabulous awesome Mail!

11-13-08 004

So now, it has really become, really 'real' that next weekend I will be flying away to Burbank for my Sci Fi Convention.


There will be some totally amazing actors in attendance:

500_09Jason Mamoa


500_10Rachel Luttrell


dan_sheaDan Shea


alexis_cruzSG1Alexis Cruz   



David Hewlett


and most importantly(to me at least):

 PICT0073Kavan Smith 


So next weekend? If you don't hear from me- don't worry, I'm more than likely in a state of complete and utter geek bliss. :) ;) 


(this is a week from tomorrow{November 21-24})

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A day late

I spent all day yesterday searching for this video that I wanted to share with you all on Veteran's day but of course I couldn't find it.

For me veterans day has a very special place in my heart after my senior year of high school.

I spent a good portion of the year interviewing the older folks in my small community who had been involved in WWII both at home and on the lines.

The other portion of the year was spent studying in depth the Vietnam Conflict. I was truly horrified and appalled at how the soliders were treated upon their return home, and vowed to myself that I wouldn't do the same ever.

So yesterday it should of come as no surprise as I was driving down the road listening to my favorite radio station when this song came on. I actually pulled over to the side of the road, and sat and just took my time to listen to the song in silence.

Granted, yes the video is geared towards Canadians(as the singer is Canadian) but its the message that is more important than that.

What have you done to show your gratefulness to those who defend our shores?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How far would YOU go for an "A"?

Okay as I have mentioned in previous posts I am attending some online courses at my local community college.

After being throughly disgusted with my first grade I received(33/37) and losing 'stupid' points on it; I vowed that at some point somehow, some way I was going to ace a presentation in this class.

With only two regular assignments left in the quarter before our final is due, that doesn't leave me much time. I have been inching closer and closer to the illusive 100%. A few weeks ago I got a 98% and got ticked off but because it was something *I* screwed up(I missed a direction) I didn't fight it.

The assignments since then have seen me emailing the teacher after I receive each assesment in order to question point losses.

Sometimes like the first time(way back in Unit B) it doesn't work. Other times like in the last Unit(E) it does.  In the last unit I not only got back points but I also earned extra credit without even trying. Apparently my OCD'ness turned out to be a good thing when the direction read "Divide the text into two columns" and I decided I'd take it one step further, and make them two even columns.

So it should have theorhetically come as no surprise when I opened up Unit F's grade sheet and found that I'd lost 2 and a 1/2 points. Okay one of the points I could grant her(as I'd forgotten to add my name to something), but the other point and a half are bugging me.

So I dropped her another line, inquiring as to how I could improve upon my preformance since I felt that I had followed the directions to the best of my ability.

Over a point and a half. That would raise my grade on the assignment from a 93% to a 97% really not worth fighting tooth and nail over.

Especially when you consider that overall my grade in the class is sitting at a 95% and the extra point and a half wouldn't raise my grade at all(it would go up to a high 95, instead of a mid 95).

So my question to you fair reader is this- How far would YOU go for a point and a half?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

If your not a geek, you may want to turn away now

If your still here don't say I didn't warn you.


So today I got a very exciting package in the mail.


Stargate Atlantis Patches

Its my set of Atlantis Patches that I ordered for my Stargate Atlantis Convention in a little less than 2 weeks(13 days to be exact). I have an 'official' Atlantis Pegasus Patch, my US Flag patch, and the totally kicking Daedalus Flight crew patch.

Unfortunately 2 of the 3 are really technically gifts and wont be coming home with me from Burbank(the Pegasus and US flag) but until then I get to drool over and drag them around with me everywhere.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Color, Colour, Colors

Not the best pics, but it shows off my new colour.


07 17 08_0004

07 17 08_0008

07 17 08_0005

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just like a big girl

Today Kenzie took a step back towards where we were several months ago.


Back in May she was sleeping in her big girl bed most every nap and even one night.

5-1-08 001

5-1-08 003

5-1-08 005  


Today she took her first nap back in the bed, and even without all the naked dolls.



Though it took some pretty nifty child proofing for this to be possible:


Yup, that's duct tape on the light switch.  


Though you'll also notice that the wall still hasn't been fixed from the incident in which 15 feet of border was removed. I'm thinking I might want to get on that, someday. Especially once she realizes I was basically color blind when picking out paint(don't you love the rocking Disney colors? Pooh blue, and Princess Purple?)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another New Haircut

So after much debating and haranguing with myself I decided that I needed some change. Since I haven't done anything at all with my hair since I got it cut in April:

5-2-08 003

So last night I went in and got it all cut off again. It had grown out to about my shoulder length, and I just could not do a thing with it. Some people love and/or are jealous of it because of my thick, thick hair, but I can't do anything with it. No curls stay(so no body waves) it fluffs when straightened, and I *hated* the 'bowl' cut I ended up with.


I decided to go short, and get some layers put in:





On Sunday I'm going in and getting it all turned one color again(as right now its about 4 shades of bleh.)   

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Cutest Political ad, yet


I found this ad over on one of my frequently read blogs Mom-101 and it really sums up how I feel about the way certain members of my family seem to be suddenly swinging.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So I decided that I'm putting a hold on the Politics series, until after Wednesday's Presidential debate.

Until then I'm driving myself crazy with school work, and my new biggest mistake I discovered this morning.

Remember a few months back when I got some ducks?

Well you'll also remember I replaced the ducks that were killed in the Great Duck Massacre with a single "Runner" duck. I was reassured by the staff at the feed store that said duck was, a GIRL(ha! should never believe the 'reassurances' ;) ) and for a while it looked like they were right.

That is until today. When I went out I noticed that suddenly SHE has the tell tale, tail curl, that indicates that SHE is really a HE.  So that means that my poor duck has to be renamed(I really don't think calling him- Liz works now). This means I get to go back to the drawing board on names(I'll see if I can get the pair to stand still long enough to grab some snaps), and hope that they don't decide to start a family on me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Politics: Joe Biden

So again, I will remind you that I am a political newbie, and don't have a lot of experience comparing and contrasting candidates so am talking more about how I feel.

Even though I was working insanely long hours, I made time to either watch live, or tape both of the conventions for later viewing. I was lucky enough to be able to see Biden's speech live as I had the night off.

Now as a self proclaimed political ignoramus, I really knew nothing about him aside from the fact that he was from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I still don't know a lot(as I haven't done a lot of leg work on my own up until now).

However my first impression of him was overall fair to good.

He seems to have a bit more experience since he has been in Congress since 1972.

Granted this doesn't mean he has a lot of experience in every area, but it gives him a leg up on the other Veep candidate who by the same standards is a political infant.

He seems like a very charismatic man, who is a fair to good choice as a running mate, and seems like he can at least know what he is doing.

At this time- I don't have enough facts and figures to create an accurate portrait in my mind of him beyond the snippets that I've seen on TV.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Politics- Sarah Palin

Thus far I haven't discussed much of my thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding the current Political season. After reading THIS post however I wanted to take my turn at the plate.

Now I will concede that I am not the most knowledgeable voter but I'm learning as much as I can. This is my first Presidential and Gubernatorial races in which I am old enough to vote.  I do not vote one side of the fence or the other, as I don't fully embrace either parties ideals at the moment.

Now that isn't to say I don't have very strong feelings regarding certain prominent political figures.

Sarah Palin- As a mother and a woman I am deeply offended by her.

See I'm the product of an abstinence only Sex Ed system which she supports strongly. I went through 3+ years of Sex Ed, and took the notes, and the tests and sat and paid rapt attention to the teacher in class sure. Now lets look where all that got me- I became a young unwed teenage mother with a 'special needs'* child.

As I sat watching her acceptance speech at the RNC and I saw the way she was presenting her family it really bugged me. I can understand that Trig is special to her(as any child should be) but I felt that it was wrong of her to use him as a pawn in her speech.

I also have made it no secret that I live in the country. Now while I don't personally have my hunting license, I know plenty of people who do. I support both the right to own and use(safely) firearms. However I also think that we should protect and preserve some of our natural resources- such as the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. I realize that we need to look for alternative supplies of fuel but there has to be a way aside from drilling in the pristine beauty of Alaska.

Now I can't really say much about her foreign relations stuff as I haven't much experience in that area myself. I do however try to stay at least on top of what is going on around the world.

I realize that I have just covered one of the four players on the national stage(and don't even get me started on our screwy Gubernatorial race) and promise that over the next few days as I catch up with last nights debate(I had class) I will write a post for each of the other 3.

*Kenzie does NOT have Downs or some of the other high need 'special needs' but due to her motor, speech and physical delays has been classed as 'special needs' by her pediatrician.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Electronic Chronicles

So let me just say that I just broke a personal record for amount of electronics in use at one time.

I had:

1 MP3 player

1 Laptop

1 External Hard Drive

2 Working Cell phones

1 Non-Working Cell phone

2 Wired Ear pieces

1 Bluetooth ear piece

All for a 45 minute call that did nothing but assure me that Verizon rocks when you need them to.

See we have had Verizon as our cell provider for numerous years and have rarely had problems with our phones until we upgraded in January. Now my phone was fine for the most part it only needs to have its charger handy and really I can deal with that.

The two LG's on the other hand have been pains in the butt since the day we brought them home from the store. This summer my dad's was constantly overheating(though THAT? was totally his fault) and my mom's broke her car charger. Then today came the crowning achievement in their little techno caps. They both decided to break today. They would make calls sure- but only if the wired ear pieces were plugged in. They would receive calls sure- again only if the ear pieces were plugged in. Unplug that sucker though? and you are totally screwed my friend.

So I took my dads and tried every trick in the book and then some- changing all the earpiece settings, the answer settings, heck even tried resetting to both box and factory settings. Nothing worked. Except the problem got worse. Now it wouldn't make calls even with the ear piece plugged in. So I did what any good consumer would do and followed the instructions and called customer service.

A wonderful lady(who even spoke GOOD English) answered the phone and we went through it all again. We pushed buttons, sent reactivation codes, turned it off and turned it on, and still no dice. So we determined that the phones were basically dead, kaput, finished. So we checked the info and thankfully they are still covered by their warranties, so are exchangeable at the store. She was even kind enough to send out two new free headsets so we can make sure the headsets aren't the issue here.

So once again- thank you Verizon! Now if only Apple could have customer service like you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Some random PowerPoint lessons

1) PowerPoint is ONE word not two.

2) When making a PP presentation- it is apparently in bad form to put a "th" after the date.

3) You should always put your name on ONE line not two.

4) Random Capitalization? Is Bad.

Lastly- I have the PowerPoint Nazi as a teacher. Remember the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld? Picture that then multiply it by 10 and you have my teacher. "No points for you!" For the record? My presentation so deserved an A not some lousy B+.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

QUICK! Check it out!

Okay now normally I wouldn't be so low to stoop and enter into a contest in such a fun and exciting way(because really how much free time do I have left? Nada).

But I cannot resist the lure of Tim Horton's(seriously that is like ah-maz-hing right there!) for, well free. So go check out this post on one my favorite new blogs.

Oh and while your there, might as well click around, and help her earn some money for the 9/11 fundraiser.

I know I've been enjoying it for a good cause. Okay must now turn my attention back to the never ending pile of doom.

Monday, September 29, 2008


9-21-08 020

9-21-08 021

9-21-08 022

9-21-08 023

9-21-08 024

I didn't realize Tom was capable of that....

So last night I had to go to a WSU Livestock Advisor meeting out on Whidbey Island. I had a vague idea of where I was going but hadn't been to this particular building before, so was a bit lost.

So I opted to take my navigation system and its new shiny voice with me. Now previously I had a very polite and kind British man giving me directions and making me feel rather smart. I however had found a wonderful Canadian voice.

I should have known right off the bat that this Canadian was going to be trouble. See I had to travel during rush hour and didn't want to deal with a particular stretch of highway that is really bad, so I circumnavigated my way around it using back roads, and thus made Tom get lost. I thought he was completely lost and even got to the point of asking him where I was supposed to turn(though I *KNEW* where) and strangely enough he actually responded(In 500 yards the road curves to the right).

I then got onto the highway and was headed out through Deception Pass and he mostly left me alone until I was near to my destination. So I am coming up to the intersection in which I need to make a turn, he said left but for some reason, I turned right. Now, here I am going down the wrong side of the road I need to be on, when all of a sudden Tom decides to pipe up his helpful advice, "Your going the wrong way, hoser, turn around now!" Uh, what? Did my navigation system just seriously call me a hoser? Okay. Thankfully I'd just pulled into a parking lot to turn around(as I realized that he had indeed been right and I should have turned left) and was able to sit and giggle to myself. I pulled back out onto the road and was driving the block and a half back to the main highway when Tom kicks in again- "Go straight now, eh." Okay, Tom, got it! So I went through the intersection quickly found where I was going(though he WAS wrong about what side of the street it was on) and enjoyed my meeting very much.

On the way home Tom was much more respectful and quiet about where I was supposed to go, until I got on the freeway. Apparently he doesn't like  to be in the right lane- at all. I was getting ready to merge into the lane of travel(was still behind the gore point and its illegal to cross those)  when he informed me "Stay to the left ahead, eh." Okay, Tom? I need to be ON the freeway first, thank you very much. So I merge on and am in the left lane, and am approaching an exit, "Stay to the left, eh?" Okay Tom, thanks for that, as if I didn't get it!

So needless to say I'll be curious how long I can stand Tom's new voice and how long before I change him to something else.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kenzie says "Duck"

Put up a new desktop on my laptop, with Kenzie's favorite new word.

More yard pics

I was playing with the macro settings on my camera, so they didn't turn out great.

9-21-08 009

9-21-08 010

9-21-08 011

9-21-08 012

9-21-08 013

and my two personal favorites:

9-21-08 015

9-21-08 016

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Insanity here I come.

So as some of my dear close friends know, this week has been a lot of crazy. See I started college this week. Now I know to most people that shouldn't seem 'odd' or 'crazy' but it is when you consider the fact that I wasn't exactly PLANNING on going fall quarter.

See when I originally filled out my FAFSA I screwed it up, and the college waited until 2 weeks before quarter to tell me.

I'm taking a full class load(12 credits) a Math class, a "Psychology" class, and 2 computer classes- Intro to Photoshop and Intro to Power Point.

So far its been fun but hectic trying to juggle everything(thank goodness for online classes!)

Also this week we had our first planning meeting for the Cattlemen's Winter School and Country Living Expo.

I'll try and keep y'all in the loop(look out for a possible break up letter to Amazon next week.) Plus I have lots of pictures!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitty Cuddling

As a part of the Gay Feline Chronicles I bring you my first example of Feline Gayness.

This is Bean. Bean is a cat.

09-25-08 011

09-25-08 010 

Bean loves Kenzie. Kenzie mauls Bean.

09-25-08 002

09-25-08 001

09-25-08 003

09-25-08 004

09-25-08 005

09-25-08 004   

09-25-08 005

09-25-08 006

This next picture looks a lot worse than it is. He was yawning, just as I snapped it. I promise!

09-25-08 007