Sunday, November 16, 2008

Of Butterflies, and Dive Bombers

So as I mentioned a couple days ago, Burbank is fast approaching.

This fact really hit me the other night when I took the time to pack my suitcase since I won't have much time this week.

For some reason every committee I'm involved in decided that *THIS* would be the perfect week to have meetings. Normally I wouldn't stress over having 2 meetings plus class in one week, except for the fact that all these things are happening on the same nights of the week.

Monday night I have no plans.

Tuesday we have therapy, then I have class, then I go out to Whidbey Island for the WSU LA CLW planning meeting.

Wednesday night I work. I have to get as many of Thursday's tubs done Wednesday night, then hopefully some of Friday's as well.

Thursday we have therapy, then I have class, then I drive back to town and attend the WSU LA CLE/CWS planning meeting then come home and finish whatever tubs I didn't earlier. Then I have to check my email, print my boarding pass for the Airporter, the Plane, and the confirmation for the hotel.

In related news, the nervous butterflies have turned into fully armed Dive Bombers that are doing aerial acrobatics in my stomach.


Lysambre said...

\o/ almost there !!! :D

Trannyhead said...

You're going to have a BLAST!

(And in response to your green beans question, YES you can write about ancient green beans. I, in fact, am writing about my FIRST green beans experience. Hawt, right?)