Thursday, January 31, 2008

I can't wait!

So last fall as I was browsing through the new shows for the lineup I came across one that caught my attention. It was called "The Baby Borrowers". Basically the premise is that they have several young couples and they give them first an infant, than a toddler, tween, than a teen and finally a senior citizen. Meanwhile at least 1 of the 2 people has to have a job outside the 'home' while they do this.

As many of you know I was(and still am) a young parent. I had Kenzie when I was 18. Life has not been a basket of roses by any means. I have become increasingly curious about hollywood's portrayl of young/single parenthood. They seem to go with the 'roses and lilies' approach. You know the one where everything turns out peachy in the end? I hope that this new show on NBC will open the eyes of young people to how hard it is to be a parent. I wouldn't give mackenzie up for the world BUT I'd sure love to help someone from ending up where I am at today.

I have attached below a trailer from NBC's site watch it and let me know what you think. Will you watch it? Would you let them borrow your kid(s)? Think it'll do well?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Keep an eye out on Friday(2/1) for a SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER! OH! and GO *points right* and take my poll!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My goal for 2009

So after seeing all the Convention reports over on the ADB forum I have made my resloute promise to myself that next year I WILL go to a con. I'm not sure which one but I know it will have to be somewhat local or somewhere I know other people so that I can have someone to split a room with. Sorry for the short post tonight I have a gagillion pages of pre-visit stuff to fill out for my endocrinologist appointment, and plus my shoulder and arm are killing me from physical therapy today.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow days, and books

Why is it that when we are kids, we look forward to snow days with such excitment that when we have them it is too much for us? At what age is it that snow days become the bane of our existance- a day to be reviled as we have others to entertain and none of our precious 'kidless time'? Is it when you graduate from high school? when you are in college? when you have school age children? What about none of the above?

Today our school district(and many others) had a snow day. Now granted I could see the point down south where they got several inches of snow. Up here though our grand total was under 2 inches of snow. The roads had some compact snow but weren't really all that icy nothing that chaining the buses and putting them on snow routes and a 2 hour delay wouldn't of been able to handle. Honestly I think I resented the snow today more than I ever have. See when there is no school it means that my whole family ends up staying home. That SUCKS!

Now don't get me wrong I love seeing the joy in kenzie's eyes when she saw the snow falling lazily out of the sky; but I just cannot stand spending weekdays with the family!

This week was marked by another trip to the library to pick up some more reading material. So today I finally got to sit down and read the last book(i still have one more but its the most current book) of the Temperance Brennan series. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love that series. Its suspenseful but not overly so, it has plot twists that you don't see coming, and a cast of characters that you're guaranteed to find someone you identify with. I finished all 40 chapters in less than 4 hours tonight. I cannot wait to get my hands on the first book of the series- Deja Dead.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shelter Sundays

This week shelter sundays is back. It was a interesting week all around today. See I had to take Jack our big boxer in to get the big snip snip done. I got to stay with him, let me tell you, it is a completely different experience to be there when your pet gets it done vs someone elses. I am very intruiged by the process as I want to be a vet someday. I am really lucky that Dr. N is so wonderful with me.

Today's pet of the week is Taz.

Taz is a white and grey cat who has been at NOAH for a while. He is a real sweetheart. I love him to death. He has the sweetest eyes that get you(those puss in boots eyes). Today I was walking by the colony and I slowed down because I saw something moving at the door it was Taz sitting there his paws on the window wiping it with sad eyes. He is a very unique cat who needs someone special to love him.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekly Winners 1/26

Its that time of week again! Weekly winners! You can find more participants over at the wonderfully funny Lotus' blog! Have I mentioned she was nominated for the 2008 bloggie awards? No?! Well she(and Fussy) were nominated for best new blog! Go vote, vote vote!

Our living room on a typical day:

Jack was worried I was going to take his chair

When I came back I found this:

When I took my Laptop away she looked like this:


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE taking shots of our boxers?

Friday, January 25, 2008

THE Scrapbook

So as some of you readers know a few months back I volunteered to help with the "A Dog's Breakfast" Doctor's Without Borders' guestbook project. Until earlier this week it had really just been a figment floating around in space that my co-partner and I kept trading emails about. This week it became a reality. Wednesday night I returned from my wrap up meeting for the the CLE to find a package in the mail containing all the wonderful entries from the guestbook.

I promptly set it aside for the night after pulling out the scrapbook:

I decided that it would be my 'nap time project' meaning I could ONLY work on it during nap time. I do this so that A) I have a time in which to do things and B) prevents me from sitting and spending all day on something that I shouldn't.

So yesterday and today I put the scrapbook/guestbook together here are the pages. I apologize for picture quality I spaced taking pics till after it was put together and didn't want to take it apart. Though I must say a BIG "thank you" to who ever mailed me the baby stuff, as there were some Baz related messages. Oh and the fact I ran out of wedding stuff after a while.


Front page (fills in the cutout of the cover):

The 'hand in hand' page:

The 'proposal' page:

The "our Wedding" page:


The "Dresses" page:

The "cutting the cake" page:

The "Blushing Bride" page:

The "Handsome Groom" Page:
(oh shut up i dont know why i picked the pink paper)

The "worth the wait" & "Tuxedo" page:

The "wedding flowers" page:

The "man's best friend" page:
(the mans best friend thing is made out of metal)

The "puppy dog tails" & "no barking" page:

The "promise" page:

The "Precious Details" & "Kiss" page:

the "our Wedding" page:

The "unity" page:

This is about where I ran out of wedding stuff...and so I TRIED to group all the 'baz' messages into a couple pages.

The "stork" page:

The "bottle" page:

The "definitions" page:

the "its a boy" page:

the 'last' page:
On each page I put the entries not really grouped any special way(other than the 'baz' ones) it was basically however I pulled them out of the pile.

Page: Entries:
Hand in hand 6
The Proposal 6
Our Wedding 6
Dresses 8
Cut The Cake 6
Blushing Bride 8
Handsome Groom 3
Worth the Wait/Tux 9
Wedding Flowers 5
Man's Best Friend 6
Doggy tails/No Barking 3
Promise 3
Precious Details 4
Our Wedding/Stars 4
Unity 5
Stork 4
Bottle 4
Definitions 4
It's A Boy 5
Last page 4


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gosh, I feel like a stalker

So I am back to feeling like a bit of a blog stalker lately.

I cannot get enough of Sarcastic Mom's blog. I find myself checking back at her blog every chance I get, just in case she has posted something new. I always find myself in stitches reading her posts- you should run right over and meet her twins Kevin and Leroy! They are distant relatives of my yet unnamed fat rolls(I don't want to encourage them by naming them).

I have also become obsessed a serious follower of Mrs. Fussypants. She always makes me giggle too. I LOVE her "Fussy Fights The Frump" series I need to actually start reading back issues after my fashion disaster recently(the one in which i discovered i'm wearing maternity clothes).

I have been a long time follower of Dawn. She is a full time mom to six kids. I am in awe of her! She is amazingly funny and will have a book coming out this summer!

Oh did I happen to mention that Lotus(sarcastic mom) and Fussy are up for bloggies? No I didn't? Oh! well then! Fussy and Lotus are both up for best new blog of the year! Go vote for them!

OH! I almost forgot to mention that I have now made my blog a DOFOLLOW blog! So comment away oh, wonderful readers!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happened when I left my laptop sitting on the couch while I grabbed a soda:


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the BIG announcement.....

now i am sure that ya'll are expecting something a little different right? like i'm running off to join the circus, or just won the lotto and will be paying you to read my blog from now on. Or maybe some of you(you know who you are) are wondering if i'm going to announce that i'll be hearing the pitter patter of more little feet.

No, No, and most definantly NO(unless there has been some immaculate conception going on that i'm not aware of).

my BIG announcement is:

*drum roll*


*ducks flying fruit*

This is why:

what i found today:

What i See when i look down....




a few months ago:



2 weeks after having kenzie:



38 weeks pregnant:

38 weeks 1 day

anyone think that maybe i need new pants?

Negative Pictures

As I highlighted in last weeks weekly winners post, I LOVE negative images. So I was playing with some pics I have taken and thought I'd share their 'negatives'. its pretty neat actually. I will put the negative first followed by the 'positive'(regular) shot.

Picture #1


Picture #2


Picture #3



Picture #4


Picture #5



Picture #6



Okay thats it. Think you could take a moment to let me know which of each you like better? The Positive? or the Negative? it would be MUCHO appreciated....