Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Shelter Stories

As many of you know on Sunday afternoon's I spend 4 hours volunteering in the local Animal Shelter's Vet Clinic. I have been volunteering with the shelter for 4 years since they opened in May of 2003. I started out as a 'Cat Kennel Technician', 'Dog Walker', and than moved up to a "Socializer" and am now a "Veterinary Nurse Assistant". This has given me a very interesting insight into the world of animal rescue and how shelters work. Therefore I think each Sunday that I will be doing a series called Shelter Stories. In it I will be sharing antidotes from the past and possibly even the story of one of our animals who is currently there.

Todays story will actually be a tale from today about a dog that came into the shelter. Now normally we don't take dogs directly from the public as we are a 'rescue organization' who saves animals in over crowded shelters from being put to sleep. Well today this nice couple stopped by, with a dog that they had found. Apparently they were driving home from the San Jaun Islands and were getting ready to get on the freeway to head home when they saw this scared looking dog running towards the freeway on-ramp. They quickly pulled over when they noticed that she seemed to be limping and picked her up. They dropped by(as this was nearing closing time) with the dog scared that she'd been hit by a car(because of the limp) or that she had possibly fallen off the back of someone's truck. Since they live a good distance away from where they found her(several hours) they didn't want to take her farther from home than nessacery so they wondered if there was anything we could do for her. The wonderful staff decided that YES we could take her in for the night at least and than if nothing else send her up to the 'regional' shelter in the morning(where her owners are more likely to look for her) so that she can hopefully be found.

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