Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 6th

So with today being sunday it was my Weekly sojourn from the house to work at "The Clinic" down at the Local animal shelter. As many of you know I LOVE animals and someday would like to achieve my DVM doctorate(also known as animal god license). Until then I am content helping in our clinic, and working with new to the animal world owners of pets.

I LOVE Dr. N she is amazing, awesome and KICKS BUTT! I cannot get enough of her. I also love M who is our nurse and I who is our 'kennel tech' we have such fun it isnt funny. Though I must say I do miss "A & A" who have left for greener pastures but on the bright side our dynamic hasn't really changed that much we still have just as much fun. It is nice to work in a place that you can actually smile and laugh and you know EVERYONE by their first name.

Today was pretty uneventful at the clinic I got to puppysit as we had to spay 2 and neuter 1 of the already adopted puppies so they could go home. It is such a fun thing to sit and watch over them as they get ready and than afterwards.

Unfortunantly at the end of the day I had to once again wonder if I am a bad person, or abuse puppies, or smell funny and have therefore ticked off some CARma god. I mean seriously! How many things can go wrong with one lousy car? Today I went to get ready to leave and go to start my car- it won't freaking start. Well I called the house dad's already gone mom's watching kenz(they are kind enough to watch her while i am at "the clinic") so I call dad on his cell and he agrees to turn around and come pick me up from the shelter.

He happens to be near where I got in my accident, so he pops by the scene and sees where I got hit and whatnot and finally understands why I keep saying that there is NO way it was my fault and thankfully he now agrees with me. He came and picked me up and we went grocery shopping and came home and I chilled with kenzie for a while before she went to bed and than I took a nap and am now going to bed!

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