Tuesday, September 30, 2008

QUICK! Check it out!

Okay now normally I wouldn't be so low to stoop and enter into a contest in such a fun and exciting way(because really how much free time do I have left? Nada).

But I cannot resist the lure of Tim Horton's(seriously that is like ah-maz-hing right there!) for, well free. So go check out this post on one my favorite new blogs.

Oh and while your there, might as well click around, and help her earn some money for the 9/11 fundraiser.

I know I've been enjoying it for a good cause. Okay must now turn my attention back to the never ending pile of doom.

Monday, September 29, 2008


9-21-08 020

9-21-08 021

9-21-08 022

9-21-08 023

9-21-08 024

I didn't realize Tom was capable of that....

So last night I had to go to a WSU Livestock Advisor meeting out on Whidbey Island. I had a vague idea of where I was going but hadn't been to this particular building before, so was a bit lost.

So I opted to take my navigation system and its new shiny voice with me. Now previously I had a very polite and kind British man giving me directions and making me feel rather smart. I however had found a wonderful Canadian voice.

I should have known right off the bat that this Canadian was going to be trouble. See I had to travel during rush hour and didn't want to deal with a particular stretch of highway that is really bad, so I circumnavigated my way around it using back roads, and thus made Tom get lost. I thought he was completely lost and even got to the point of asking him where I was supposed to turn(though I *KNEW* where) and strangely enough he actually responded(In 500 yards the road curves to the right).

I then got onto the highway and was headed out through Deception Pass and he mostly left me alone until I was near to my destination. So I am coming up to the intersection in which I need to make a turn, he said left but for some reason, I turned right. Now, here I am going down the wrong side of the road I need to be on, when all of a sudden Tom decides to pipe up his helpful advice, "Your going the wrong way, hoser, turn around now!" Uh, what? Did my navigation system just seriously call me a hoser? Okay. Thankfully I'd just pulled into a parking lot to turn around(as I realized that he had indeed been right and I should have turned left) and was able to sit and giggle to myself. I pulled back out onto the road and was driving the block and a half back to the main highway when Tom kicks in again- "Go straight now, eh." Okay, Tom, got it! So I went through the intersection quickly found where I was going(though he WAS wrong about what side of the street it was on) and enjoyed my meeting very much.

On the way home Tom was much more respectful and quiet about where I was supposed to go, until I got on the freeway. Apparently he doesn't like  to be in the right lane- at all. I was getting ready to merge into the lane of travel(was still behind the gore point and its illegal to cross those)  when he informed me "Stay to the left ahead, eh." Okay, Tom? I need to be ON the freeway first, thank you very much. So I merge on and am in the left lane, and am approaching an exit, "Stay to the left, eh?" Okay Tom, thanks for that, as if I didn't get it!

So needless to say I'll be curious how long I can stand Tom's new voice and how long before I change him to something else.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kenzie says "Duck"

Put up a new desktop on my laptop, with Kenzie's favorite new word.

More yard pics

I was playing with the macro settings on my camera, so they didn't turn out great.

9-21-08 009

9-21-08 010

9-21-08 011

9-21-08 012

9-21-08 013

and my two personal favorites:

9-21-08 015

9-21-08 016

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Insanity here I come.

So as some of my dear close friends know, this week has been a lot of crazy. See I started college this week. Now I know to most people that shouldn't seem 'odd' or 'crazy' but it is when you consider the fact that I wasn't exactly PLANNING on going fall quarter.

See when I originally filled out my FAFSA I screwed it up, and the college waited until 2 weeks before quarter to tell me.

I'm taking a full class load(12 credits) a Math class, a "Psychology" class, and 2 computer classes- Intro to Photoshop and Intro to Power Point.

So far its been fun but hectic trying to juggle everything(thank goodness for online classes!)

Also this week we had our first planning meeting for the Cattlemen's Winter School and Country Living Expo.

I'll try and keep y'all in the loop(look out for a possible break up letter to Amazon next week.) Plus I have lots of pictures!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitty Cuddling

As a part of the Gay Feline Chronicles I bring you my first example of Feline Gayness.

This is Bean. Bean is a cat.

09-25-08 011

09-25-08 010 

Bean loves Kenzie. Kenzie mauls Bean.

09-25-08 002

09-25-08 001

09-25-08 003

09-25-08 004

09-25-08 005

09-25-08 004   

09-25-08 005

09-25-08 006

This next picture looks a lot worse than it is. He was yawning, just as I snapped it. I promise!

09-25-08 007

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Bloggy Blehs

Okay, so I'm here to apologize about my lack of posting. Its not for a lack of topics, its for a lack of words. *sighs*

See I've been doing fun, exciting, and engaging things I just can't come up with the words to share.

Last weekend I was on my retreat with my moms group. The "Code" got broken(I promise there is a post sitting here about the "Code") and I ended up with MORE embarassing photos of me.

This week I had my placement tests for college(that went well considering).

We also had another trip to Children's to see yet another useless helpful specialist.

I also ended up breaking my precious. That is a stressor in and of itself.

So I promise there will be more posts coming, I swear.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Car-Jacked, by a Cat

So a funny thing happened today on my way to town. I was car-jacked. Now that in itself might not be considered 'funny', however when you factor in that the perpatrator was about a foot and a half tall, and weighs in at 13lbs, with a long skinny tail? That makes it funny.

See, I had a bunch of errands to run today. Yesterday was rather hot(as is normal in September around here), so I forgot to roll up my window. Well this morning I got in the car to drive into town and go to the high school. There are two 'easy' ways to get to the school from my house. One way happened to be under construction so I opted to go the 'highway'. Well apparently today had to be the day they choose to stripe the highway. I'm sitting there in the line of cars behind the stripping truck, rocking out to my music, when all of a sudden I feel something tapping me on the shoulder.  My first reaction was "WTF?!" (I thought I was alone). I very slowly turned around full expecting to see some country bumpkin version of goodness knows what. Instead, I found my cat. He had apparently climbed into the car at some point and fallen asleep. Amazingly he was quite calm about the whole thing, and just sat there and tapped me on the shoulder to alert me to his presence. He sat very calmly in the car while I ran into the high school's office, and moved quiet as can be to the back seat when I came out again. As I ran through the drive through to pick up lunch he just sat on the back seat lounging and garnering me a few odd looks from the McD's workers.

Oh and just to prove that he was there? I snapped this pic(with my phone).


Friday, September 5, 2008

My shiny new hardware!

So today I finally bought something I've been meaning to get ever since I bought Dell back in February.

I got me a 250 Gig External Hard Drive!

I love me some technology, but I have come to a conclusion- never let a geek walk into Geekvana alone, ever. Be it a techno store, or a place that has a tech section, it just will NOT end well.

I am surprised I didn't suffer a coronary from the geeky overload!

Meet E2 (E is short for the Laptops name):



Thursday, September 4, 2008

The last day- I quit!

So after an incident yesterday(which I won't go into suffice to say it was rather scary and unnerving and had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with any of the machines) I 'in spirit' quit this morning.

As soon as the foreman rolled into the shop I cornered him to discuss the 'incident' and told him that while I would love to quit, I refused to leave them shorthanded on the last day of season. He understood having witnessed the entire 'incident' and promised to make it all right.

So we got out to the field and all piled out of the van, of course I got 'my' machine(my 'new' yellow- sadly 'my' real machine has been shipped to E. Wa to harvest Lima's already) and climbed in. I immediately dropped the front cleaned my windows and prepped for what would be the first of my two road moves of the day.

We got out to our new field started, and finished rather quickly and then embarked on the long, and arduous journey home. It only took 2 and a half hours and 37 or so 'oh sh*ts' from me scrapping wires to travel about 30 miles(we were driving about 18 MPH tops).

I must say that it is nice to be done, and that at this point I have no plans to return next year. We will see though how I hold out.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The last week!

Well it is finally here! The last and final week of pea season will be drawing to a close tomorrow!

It has been a crazy week, with a new schedule yesterday, that changed again today.

Yesterday we were up and at'em at 5:15 AM which let me tell you is just INSANE! No normal human being should have to report to work at that hour. At least I have enough seniority(and guts) to get the 'good' machine out there.

Well I have to get ready for another exciting day in the fields!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One of these things is different than the other....

One of these things doesn't belong.

Can you spot the ONE thing in this picture that doesn't belong? You may want to click on the picture to make it larger so you can see the item in question.


Monday, September 1, 2008

On this Labor Day my thanks go out to....

All the men and women out there protecting our country. Yes I realize they have their 'own' holidays BUT I think that they should be thanked every single day for the things that they do. If it weren't for them we wouldn't be free and have many of the rights and privileges that we currently do.

I was out at the fair yesterday and got a chance to stop by the ARMY's booth, and chat with them for a while, and it was quite nice. I also grabbed a couple of pictures of the awesome and hilarious new 'promotional tool' they are using.



I'm not quite sure who they are trying to recruit with an 8 foot tall blow up, but according to the recruiter I spoke to it's at least getting the word out in a 'fun new way'.