Thursday, September 4, 2008

The last day- I quit!

So after an incident yesterday(which I won't go into suffice to say it was rather scary and unnerving and had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with any of the machines) I 'in spirit' quit this morning.

As soon as the foreman rolled into the shop I cornered him to discuss the 'incident' and told him that while I would love to quit, I refused to leave them shorthanded on the last day of season. He understood having witnessed the entire 'incident' and promised to make it all right.

So we got out to the field and all piled out of the van, of course I got 'my' machine(my 'new' yellow- sadly 'my' real machine has been shipped to E. Wa to harvest Lima's already) and climbed in. I immediately dropped the front cleaned my windows and prepped for what would be the first of my two road moves of the day.

We got out to our new field started, and finished rather quickly and then embarked on the long, and arduous journey home. It only took 2 and a half hours and 37 or so 'oh sh*ts' from me scrapping wires to travel about 30 miles(we were driving about 18 MPH tops).

I must say that it is nice to be done, and that at this point I have no plans to return next year. We will see though how I hold out.

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