Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Car-Jacked, by a Cat

So a funny thing happened today on my way to town. I was car-jacked. Now that in itself might not be considered 'funny', however when you factor in that the perpatrator was about a foot and a half tall, and weighs in at 13lbs, with a long skinny tail? That makes it funny.

See, I had a bunch of errands to run today. Yesterday was rather hot(as is normal in September around here), so I forgot to roll up my window. Well this morning I got in the car to drive into town and go to the high school. There are two 'easy' ways to get to the school from my house. One way happened to be under construction so I opted to go the 'highway'. Well apparently today had to be the day they choose to stripe the highway. I'm sitting there in the line of cars behind the stripping truck, rocking out to my music, when all of a sudden I feel something tapping me on the shoulder.  My first reaction was "WTF?!" (I thought I was alone). I very slowly turned around full expecting to see some country bumpkin version of goodness knows what. Instead, I found my cat. He had apparently climbed into the car at some point and fallen asleep. Amazingly he was quite calm about the whole thing, and just sat there and tapped me on the shoulder to alert me to his presence. He sat very calmly in the car while I ran into the high school's office, and moved quiet as can be to the back seat when I came out again. As I ran through the drive through to pick up lunch he just sat on the back seat lounging and garnering me a few odd looks from the McD's workers.

Oh and just to prove that he was there? I snapped this pic(with my phone).



lysambre said...

This is such a cute story ! I love cats so much :D (by the way you never finished that stoy about your gay cats ;) )

Fraggle said...

HA!! He looks like he owns the car sitting there!!!
Nice blog!