Monday, April 20, 2009

If this post doesn’t get me the Google Pervs nothing will

Ah yes, living in the country is normally an idyllic lifestyle full of croaking frogs and quiet nights.


Until something like yesterday’s incident occurs.


Now that its spring it was time to officially start mowing the field and get in on all the excitement.


I was making the first pass of the field and was approaching our light pole that is in the field(on the side of the road) when I noticed *SOMETHING* attached to it.  I was still a good distance away and saw that it was brown and figured it was a way ward leaf or something that’d blown onto the pole.

As I started getting closer I noticed something ODD about the item- it was triangular and more importantly cloth.


It wasn’t until I was up close that I saw what it was:




Oh yes, that is a THONG nailed to a pole. Its not just any thong though, its a leopard skin one…




I went on my way mowing, since I didn’t have anything to remove it with on the tractor. When I was finished I ran back to the house and got the crow bar, to take it off.


Get back out pry the nail loose enough that I can take it off the pole using the crow bar(is NO way I was touching it *shudders*) and decide that instead of taking it to the house I’d just “dispose” of it in the woods across the street. (Frankly I’d much rather see the neighbors have to deal with it than take it to the house).

So I’m getting ready to cross the street with the thong on the end of the crow bar, when I hear a Car coming. Stop to wait and of course the car slows down, and the driver gives me one of those “WTF?!” looks when he sees what I’m holding.


I’m pretty sure that the neighbor now thinks I’m some kind of odd perv or something standing on the side of the road with a thong on a stick. Ought to be fun this summer when we have our open house ;)