Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GFC Update

So you may remember I promised the GFC last year. Well there was a slight hitch in that when there was a rival group that took over the GF's hang out.



We call 'em the chicken gang (CG for short).

Its a rogue band of chickens that breaks free of their enclosure and roam the property raising havoc with the other creatures, especially members of the GF's.


1-14-08 001

The Ring- Leader aka "Fluffy foot"


1-14-08 002

The Boss- aka 'ole red.


These two are the most wily(and annoying) of all the bunch, stalking anybody who dares exit the front door without any food in hand. Evasive action must be taken to avoid them.

Monday, January 12, 2009

So apparently, I need to re-home some books

The other day I went to open my DRESSER and found the reason it has been creaking and groaning omninously from the corner in which it resides in. Apparently I stuffed it full of books.

Paperbacks, hardbacks, big books, little books all shoved in one of the drawers after I read them and forgotten like, well, books.


Actually looking at some of these I don't remember ever reading them, or buying them for that matter leading me to believe they are amongst those that mysteriously arrived from the book club I once belonged to even though I dutifully canceled every 'selection of the month'.


Since I have a to read stack that is a bit insane at the moment:

1-12-09 001


though just glancing at it I can see 4 books(the top 4) that can be knocked off the 'must read immediately' list.


I guess I will be needing to re-home some of the basket dwellers:

1-12-09 002


And drawer livers:

1-12-09 004  

See just looking at those photos though I can see certain members of my 'family' that I just can't bear to part with:


Momzillas - a cute, hilarious read about the seedy underworld of the Type A mommy.

Mother- a story that brought me to tears, as I have always had a very rocky relationship with my mother at best

Marley & Me - a wonderful hilarious story about life with a dog, that sounds so much like some of mine(I get to see the movie tomorrow!)

Onion John- this may be a 'childrens book' but it has stuck with me through 2 moves, and several life changes.

Holy Bible- though I rarely read *THIS* copy anymore it was my first one that I ever got when we were actually going to church regularly. I have several other copies around, that get more use.


This leaves a few books out in the cold though:

You might be a Redneck if.... - just meh, considering who wrote it. Don't even ask about the patch on the front.

Nora Roberts Innocent in Death - I'm thinking this along with the James Patterson and the Johnathan Kellerman are from the book club of doom.


As for the basket books I found them and have to go through what looks like my 'humor' section and see what will make the cut.


Looks like I'll be doing some serious cutting if I want to get my room and such into shape though. *sighs*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh how the time flies...

So I was digging through some of my photo folders and found some pictures of snows gone by:

Kenzie's first snow (January '07, 10 months)






And the one that is SURE to win me mother of the year someday:



Her 2nd Snow (January '08 1 year 10 months)

01-06-08 032

01-06-08 033

01-06-08 034


Finally this last snow (Dec. '08 2 years 9 months)

12-14-08 018

12-14-08 020

12-17-08 007

12-17-08 046

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm still here....tired...but here

So with the holidays now over, and no goats yet expecting(so *not* my job this year thankfully) I now turn my attention to more important things.


Like CLE/CWS planning. In 25 short days I will be teaching not 1 but 2 full length classes and only have one set of curriculum fully finished. I am freaking out because I'm not sure what(or how) to teach the other class.


Since I returned from Burbank I have slept very little as I *hate* this time of year when it is dark more than light.

You can find my notes on Burbank HERE. I had a great time and now just need to figure out how to keep being able to go to these things.


We recently spent 12 days stranded by the snow. That was an exercise in patience and fun. The insane amounts of snow have stuck around though we have gotten down to about a one foot average across most of the yard, though the driveway is still lined by snow boulders from the kindly neighbors' CAT.


This Friday will mark the end of a very fun chapter in my life. Stargate Atlantis' 100th and final episode will air.  They have already green lit a movie but no word yet on when it will be out.


Creation Burbank 004edited

Kavan Smith and I

AKA: The Reason I went To Burbank and made a fool out of myself :D