Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GFC Update

So you may remember I promised the GFC last year. Well there was a slight hitch in that when there was a rival group that took over the GF's hang out.



We call 'em the chicken gang (CG for short).

Its a rogue band of chickens that breaks free of their enclosure and roam the property raising havoc with the other creatures, especially members of the GF's.


1-14-08 001

The Ring- Leader aka "Fluffy foot"


1-14-08 002

The Boss- aka 'ole red.


These two are the most wily(and annoying) of all the bunch, stalking anybody who dares exit the front door without any food in hand. Evasive action must be taken to avoid them.

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Anonymous said...

What are they eating...the cat food?