Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just a quick update

I just wanted to let you all know that yes, I am still alive. I hope to be blogging more now that the 2009 CLE/CWS is over and done(yesterday).

As far as I know preliminary data suggests that overall everything went well. The pre-registration number was around 680 as of Wednesday so I’m sure that we had more then that but I haven’t heard a final count yet.

Overall I enjoyed teaching again this year though my advanced class was a bit difficult. I had one of those students who decided that everything I taught was wrong and that it was *their* job to inform the others of the error of my ways.

I was glancing at my searches and had a few rather interesting/funny/what the heck ones jump out at me from the last couple months.

  • uncensored cg gallery from mama club
  • weather in resloute
  • what is something slippery / something slippery
  • joe biden powerpoint
  • agoat the bomber part 1
  • what is a proverbial horse / proverbial horse

The oddest search term that led to my blog has GOT to be:

  • watersink uk so named as water sinks through ground walk


Hope that all of you are doing well, and I hope to be back with in a few days with some new photos that I’ve been playing with.

Just to give you a preview of what you’ll see:


1-9-09 062