Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a little more proof….

I’ve always known that I’m considered to be the ‘smart one’ amongst many of my friends. Tonight I also got further proof of the fact that while I may be the ‘smart one’ it does NOT mean that I am the ‘artistic one’.


See last night I was at my parenting group and we had a local physician come in talk to us about a variety of subjects. One of the questions had to do with vaccines/vaccinating. He asked if anyone knew the history of the Iditarod race(that it recreates the path that they took to get the diptheria medications for the people of Nome).  I know this(see last bit) and so tenatively raise my hand and answered the question. He also spoke a little on some other subjects of which I also have knowledge.

We then moved into the ‘craft’ portion of the night. In honor of Valentines day we were doing cake decorating. I was given 2 colors of food coloring with which to decorate- green and yellow.

So I made the following cake:

2-6-09 001

2-6-09 002 

Kudos to anyone who knows what it *Actually* is.

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