Sunday, February 8, 2009

So many posts I could be writing but instead I’ll write this one…

I love my British friends.


See they know what I like and they send me wonderful care packages. I love getting mail, but i love it even more when that mail is either laugh out loud funny or filled with chocolate and other goodies.


My first British care package arrived sometime late last year. It had a short funny story that one of my awesome friends Barcardi wrote for me. I’ve carried that thing to many an event where I knew I might need cheering up and it has helped to keep a smile on my face.


Then at Christmas she sent me another lovely care package filled with chocolate and presents for the wee one. Not just any chocolate mind you, but the GOOD British Cadbury’s (and yes there is a difference from American Cadburys).  I’m a sucker for chocolate.

Throw in an adorable bear for the wee one and I’m a goner.

12-18-08 023


The end of last month another friend Mirth sent me a care package chock full of Wagon Wheels:

1-26-09 010.1


Which are similar to the American Moon Pie but 100 million times tastier. She also sent me a LOL picture, but I am too stingy to share it(because frankly it’s a personal running joke, and would take far too long to explain). Lets just say it is totally fun and I grin every time I look at it.

Same day the WW’s and the LOL picture arrived I also found a new little friend in the mail:

1-26-09 001.1


That is a pewter squirrel pin that my good friend Sam sent me.


So imagine my surprise the other day when I went to the mailbox and found from Barcardi an envelope chock full of English Cadbury goodness. I’ve now hidden it away in hopes that this time it lasts me more than 2 days. Though with a night like tonight that is doubtful.

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Shadowed Storm said...

So true about the Cadbury's being about twenty times better when it's not from the states
We always get a ton everytime our friends come back from New Zeland..