Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow snow go away!

I thought it was SPRING.

Spring means:

Baby goats

NOT SNOW! Here it is the 29th, and it is snowing AGAIN. In the last 3 days we've gotten about a 8-10 inches of snow. I'm seriously tired of it!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

So as ya'll know last week I found the PERFECT little black dress. Now I am having a dilemma. What shoes/boots do I wear with it?


Do I wear the PERFECT boots?

3-31-08 001


Or do I wear the SILVER heels?

3-31-08 0063-31-08 008


Or the CRIMSON heels?

3-31-08 009  3-31-08 010


What do YOU think? I NEED to know I'm not sure what to do here. I am getting a mani/pedi on Wednesday evening just for this event.


The Silver heels are chunky and wide in the heel, with a good gripping surface.

The Crimson heels are narrower, but more stylish.

THE BOOTS are just plain sexy but I wonder if they may be too high for the dress?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekly Winners 3/29

Its time again for weekly winners, hosted by Sarcastic Mom aka Lotus!


I spent part of the week getting dirty:

I spent part of the week shopping:

And the rest of it being buried in snow:

Saturday @ 8:00 am

Saturday @ Noon




A Bit of spring!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The quarry has been located (FtF follow up)

So today I went out looking for that Little Black Dress, I mentioned yesterday. I was fortunate enough to find not 1 but TWO little black dresses that fit my criteria. Now I only have pics of me wearing one(the one I'll probably wear to the dinner) but I'd like to share them with you now.

Dress #1: Knee Length, with shoulder straps, and V-neck, with cami underneath. Stretch.

Full shot

Behind the front V is a 'cami' that shows when being worn.

Dress #2: Knee length, mid-length sleeves, V neck, cowled middle, semi-stretch.

On the hanger at home

On me. This is the one I'll probably wear.

So....What do you think?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fight The Frump: The Little Black dress hunt


Its time again for FIGHT THE FRUMP with Fussy! Now if you have been reading my FTF's for a while you may remember that a few weeks ago I revealed the need for me to wear heels. Well that day is fast approaching and as I was flipping through my closet I came to the realization of 2 things:

1) I have NOTHING to wear. Most of my closet it filled with T-shirts(that are too small), and jeans. I haven't worn a dress since I went to prom 3 YEARS ago. Not even a skirt has graced my hips since then.

2) I have NO shoes to wear. Sneakers just are NOT heels. That one will have to wait though.

This weeks FtF is about the search for the perfect dress. It will be commencing tommorow and extend into Sunday. Hopefully I will find my quarry.

I am looking for a dress similar to this:




I'd like to thank the LOVELY, Christina Cox for modeling it ;) I own no rights to her, or the show on which she wore it(BLOOD TIES).

I LOVE this dress because it is right about knee length, not too long, not too short. It has a nice front to it(though the V is a bit drastic for my mommy rack, possibly) and the back is nice and conservatively high, not showing off 'too much' skin. I think if I can just locate this elusive prey, that I will be all set.

Any other suggestions are very welcome just remember- I'm shopping on a limited time frame I MUST have a dress by Wednesday night for the party Thursday.

I have FOUND the dress see it HERE!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so it begins

Apparently even though according to the calendar, my first kids aren't due for another full 6 days, they have decided to put me into high alert red mode. Which means that for the next 8 days I will become a hermit, and have no social life.

There are a few rules followed by the most unwilling participants in this process(aka the girls); I'd like to take this opportunity to share them with you.


The Doe's Secret Code of Honor
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The doe's secret code of honor is as old as goats themselves and is ultimately the species best kept secret. No doe shall ever kid before its time. (Its time being determined by the following factors):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
1- No kid shall be born until total chaos has been reached by all involved. Your owner's house must be a wreck, their family hungry and desperate for clean clothes, and their social life nonexistent.

2- "Midwives" must reach the babbling fool status before you kid out.Bloodshot eyes, tangled hair and the inability to form a sentence mean the time is getting close.

3- For every bell, beeper, camera or whistle they attach
to you, kidding must be delayed by at least one day for each an audio monitor, one good yell per hour will keep things interesting.

4- If you hear the words, "She's nowhere near ready. She'll be fine while we're away for the weekend," Wait until they load the car, then begin pushing!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
5- Owner stress must be at an all time high! If you are in the care of someone else, ten to fifteen phone calls a day is a sign you're getting close.

6- When you hear the words "I can't take it anymore!" wait at least three more days.

7 -You must keep this waiting game interesting. False alarms are mandatory! Little teasers such as looking at your stomach, pushing your food around in the bucket and then walking away from it, and nesting, are always good for a rise. Be creative and find new things to do to keep the adrenaline pumping in those who wait.

8- The honor of all goats is now in your hands. Use this time to avenge all of your barn mates. Think about your friend who had to wear that silly costume in front of those people. Hang onto that baby for another day. OH, they made him do tricks too! Three more days seems fair. Late feedings, the dreaded diet, bad haircuts, those awful wormings can also be avenged at this time.

9- If you have fulfilled all of the above and are still not sure when to have the kids, listen to the weather forecast on the radio that has been so generously provided by those who wait. Severe storm warning is what you're waiting for. In the heart of the storm jump into action! The power could go out and you could have the last laugh. You have a good chance of those who wait missing the whole thing while searching for a flashlight that works!

10- Make the most of your interrupted nights. Beg for food each time someone comes into the barn to check you. Your barn mates will love you as the extra goodies fall their way too.

Remember, this code of honor was designed to remind man of how truly special goats are. Do your best to reward those who wait with a beautiful doeling to carry on the Doe Code of Honor for the next generation of those who wait!


I hope ya'll got a laugh out of this! I know it will soon be posted on my barn wall to keep me sane.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More reasons I am not related to my family.

As you all know this weekend was easter. Which means family gatherings of all shapes and sizes. In our family that ALWAYS guarantees' at least 2-3 good/great antidotes that will forever haunt somebody.

Lately the victim lucky person has been my 14 year old cousin. Now this could just stem from the fact that he is the only male grandchild, or possibly just the whole male thing, or it could be a teenager thing, or a combination therein.

Let me present you with some (recent) examples.

A few months ago we were all at dinner at a nice resturant, and my grandmother was sitting next to M. She leaned over to grab something out of her purse, and in the process brushed against M's leg. Now the rest of us were sitting there having 'normal'(i use the term loosely with my family) converstations, when suddenly the chatter was sliced by the cry of "GRANDMA STOP GRABBING MY BUTT!" I think it took a full five minutes for the table to calm down and stop laughing at poor M.

So for easter M's mom(my aunt) got miss kenzie a GOREGOUS pink hat. I emptied it out to study it and M promptly snatched it away and plopped it on his head:



Though he could just get the oddness from his father:


Or it could just go back to his re-ocuring butt issues. There were a bunch of us gathered around the table chit chatting when M decided to join us. We of course started to give him a hard time about said butt issues. Being a full part of the family M's response was a non-chalant, 'Well grandma just likes to grab my butt because its Manly!'

Seriously, just another reason I swear I'm not related to these people.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Birth Story Carnival

Once again the WONDERFUL Lotus is hosting, another joinable meme, known as the Birth Story Carnival. So in honor of my wonderful midget, and the awesome Lotus I decided to join in and share my short, and eventful story.


For most of my pregnancy I had been pretty lucky not a lot of discomfort, or braxton hicks until I hit 37 weeks-ish. I'd had 2 UTI's/Kidney infections about 27 weeks and been into Labor and delivery(if you are more than 20 weeks' and in 'pain' my OB would send you to L&D to be safe.) so I was pre-registered(which is NICE). So when I hit 37 weeks, and she dropped, and I started having Braxton-Hick's a lot I started spending a lot of time in bed just chilling as Kenzies' SD, was out of town on the other side of the state and despite being insanely ticked at him(we weren't getting along then) I knew I wanted him to be there when she was born.

I had my OB appointment on the 1st of March and was 75% effaced, but only 1-2 Cm Dialated. The OB and I discussed his upcoming vacation that was scheduled about 4 days after my due date. We tenatively scheduled a induction for Monday the 13th. I went home and spent the afternoon resting for my 'big day' the next afternoon.

The next day I went out and got a manicure, and pedicure, while getting hourly updates on J's progress over the mountains towards home. We planeed to meet up the next afternoon so that I could get out and walk for a while(I was tired of being stuck at home). Again I went home, took it easy, and slept.

Friday March 3rd, J and T drove down and the 3 of us went out to the mall and spent a few hours wandering around. Than we drove to GI Joes' (a sporting goods store) and wandered around there for a while until I got tired and decided I was done and wanted to head home. We were on our way out to the car, when I suddenly felt a little wet. I mentioned it to J and T, and so we headed back to the house to call my OB's office. We got to the house and I got out of the car and went inside where I realized I wasn't a 'little wet' I was SOAKED, so I quickly called the OB's office and was told to head down to L&D to get checked out. So we loaded up and drove the 40 minutes to the hospital, and went up to triage, me getting 'damper' the whole ride down there.

J & T loaded me into the wheelchair and we caught a elevator upstairs, to triage. We got up there and went to the desk where I informed them that I 'thought my water had broken' the nurse glanced over the desk at me(in my soaked pants) and with the MOST serious tone while regarding my belly asked, "Are you SURE you're far enough along to be delivering?" I was in the middle of a contraction, so J told her that yes I was, being approximately 38 weeks along. They wheeled me into triage hooked me up checked me found me at 2 cm's, and let the L&D floor know that I was there(Triage was 4, L&D on 3). I was in Triage for a bit then next thing I know I was being wheeled downstairs to a room. They got us set up hooked me up to the moniters and explained that my doctor wasn't on call so I would be seeing the on-call OB. It was at this point I realized that I'd forgotten the 'extra' copy of my birth plan at home *sighs*

After about an hour on the moniters with no real 'action' they decided that I could get up and freely wander the hall. So J, T and I made quite the little parade wandering through the halls stopping every so often so that I could breathe through a contraction. After a few hours of wandering the halls we went back so they could re-tether me to the machine, and check how much I had progressed. So they monitored my contractions and the doctor came in and checked me and found me to be sitting at 2 Cm's, at that point he informed me that if by 10:30 PM, I hadn't progressed anymore, that they would have to start pitocin since my water had broken before I arrived.

He left and the nurse unhooked me from the machines, and let us do another lap around the floor, then we came back and I spent some time in the shower to work through the contractions until shortly before the doctor returned, to check me again. I was hooked back up to the machines, and monitored until he arrived to check me. He checked found me still 'stuck' at 2 Cm's, so they set me up with a pitocin drip. This is where it starts getting interesting.

The doctor left to check some other patients, and the nurse returned to her station, after I moved from the bed to the labor ball. The contractions, started coming fast and furious but weren't registering on my monitor, though it WAS registering that Kenzie's heart rate was dropping into 'dangerous' territory, which brought the nurse running, she spent the next two hours sitting there hand monitoring my contractions. I spent that time rocking back and forth on the labor ball, until the point that I felt like I was dying. The nurse decided to check me again, since Kenzie's heart rate kept dropping into the 90's. She was shocked, to find that I had gone from 2 Cm's to 7 Cm's in just over an hour.

This was about 11:50 Pm on the 3rd, the nurse called the doctor to let him know what was going on, then I went back to the labor ball, because it was more comfortable then being on the bed. I spent about a half hour, on the ball before I suddenly started shaking, and could not stop, the nurse had been offering me pain meds, the whole time but it was at this point that I decided that it might be nice to have SOMETHING on board just in case, though I didn't want anything to heavy. So in order to stop the shaking she gave me some fentanyl. It was shortly after she gave that to me I had the urge to push. I told the nurse that I felt like pushing, NOW. She tried to reassure me that, 'no, no, no, its only been a half hour since we checked you, NO WAY could you be ready to push.' At my insistance she re-checked me and found me a hair under 10 Cm's.

Suddenly my room was filled with nurses, and they were frantically trying to reach the doctor, all whilst telling me NOT to push until he arrived. He arrived about 12:30, and they let me start pushing, T on one side, J on the other the nurse telling me what a good job I was doing. I was apparently made for delivery. I pushed 3 times and she was born, as before the doctor had arrived she had crowned and was hanging out in the birth canal already.

They rushed her off to the giant Big Mac, baby warmer to check her over, and weigh her. I was left on the other side of the room, alone to deliver the placenta, while the nurses swarmed over her. The biggest thing I remember from this time is the nurses looking at her and one of them piping up "she sure has funny looking ankles", I replied from the other side of the room describing the dimples on either side when she replied in the affirmative, I wearily raised my hand, replying that 'THOSE! are mine!'. They got her cleaned up handed her off to me and left us alone to figure out the whole mommy/baby thing. Though before they left the nurse told me that NEXT time I decided to have a baby, that maybe I should just considering moving into Labour and Delivery at 37 weeks.

Her birth left me feeling quite empowered and amazed by the human body. Don't forget to check out the other participant's stories over at Lotus' blog!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Pinky and the Brain, Sylvester and Tweety, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner and Wylie Coyote, Bugs and Daffy. What do all these characters have in common?

They are friends through and through. Friends till the end. No matter how much they fight(and goodness knows they do) they are still pals of some sort.

I have a friend like that. Now I am starting to wonder if I have become too grown up for her. Too grown up, you ask with a perplexed look on your face, how is that possible? Well my dear wonderful, amazing friend and I when combined have the gross age of about 12. We laugh, and joke and generally act like ninnies(okay who says we do anyways?). Its a guaranteed good time when you put us together.

Like that time we went to Pullman:

Or the Giant Marshmellow incident. That was good times! (you would of had to be there)

I just hope our friendship isn't going to shimmy into nothingness, because I don't know if I could bear to say goodbye to this wonderful, awesome, amazing friend.

Friday, March 21, 2008

What I woke up to this morning

So its March right? Spring has sprung? Than, why oh why did it SNOW this morning? The white fluffy stuff fell from the sky, coating the ground, and all the other stuff around here with a wintery jacket.





Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fight the Frump while living in a Barn


As many of you know from past Frump Fighters Posts(and my blog's title) I am a goat farmer. Which means that Spring is my busy season. Meaning I never really am NOT 'frumpy'(in the regular sense of the word). So in celebration of the fast approaching birth of my 37th+ kids, I thought I'd do a post on how I Fight the Fump while living in my barn.

This is my barn:

Inside it looks like this:

I will be spending the next few weeks here:
Though by then it will be clean, and shiny white like every year.

And possibly sleeping here:

So as you can see I won't have much room, or creature comforts out there. Plus it is DANGED cold at night.

To combat looking frumpy I have rules that I follow before going to town. There are a few things though that keep me from looking extra frumpy around here.

First one must skew their definition of 'Frumpy' during the spring kidding season. You are NOT always going to look you're best(sorry Fussy!) but at least its for a good cause. I feel that during the spring the most important key to not looking like a frump-miester, is to ALWAYS have clean clothes on when you start the day. Now if by 9pm you've delivered 5 kids, its OKAY to be a little dirty and messy, births are NOT clean.

I also try to institute the '2 showers a day' rule. That means I get up I take a shower I go through the day get grimy and gross, take another one and go to bed. The ONLY acceptable time I will not follow this rule is those nights I am up until 2 am delivering kids. Then it is Okay to skip the night shower, 'cause I'm exhausted and going to be getting up 4 times that night.

As long as I follow the aforementioned rules, and these couple of addendums, I don't feel quite so frumpy from March through May. In the end is it worth it you ask?


See what you get in the end:
Can you find all 3 in the picture?



Don't forget to check out all the other Frump Fighters' over at Mrs. Fussypant's Blog!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday



Its my 'new' hair! I finally finished the project I started 2 weeks ago. What'dya think?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mackenzies Momma: Raw

So you know lemmings? those cute little creatures that insist upon chucking themselves off of cliffs? Well I am a Lemming. There I said it(admittance is the first step to recovery right?) I am the kind of person who if everyone else(or somebody really awesome like Mrs. Flinger) is doing something I feel compelled to do so. So therefore when the aforementioned Awesome Mrs. Flinger posted a picture of herself first thing in the morning I decided I too must jump on the band wagon.

So without further ado here is how I look when I get up:
Attractive, No?

Others who've also taken the Challenge include:

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And of COURSE we cannot forget the WONDERFUL! MRS. FLINGER! So are YOU (that's right YOU sitting there reading this blog in you're pj's) going to take the challenge?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Sorry no blogs this weekend was too busy out on the island.

Saturday was an insanely long day. I got up at 6:15 to get ready to go to the Childrens' museum for Hop into spring. I attended last years event and had a BLAST so was thrilled to be re-invited this year. I dragged(literally) Silver along and she loved all the attention she got from all the little kids. The weather could of been a bit nicer but at least we were in a covered, mostly enclosed space, but with the rain outside it made it quite cold in the garage. I was lucky Silver didn't protest spending 2 hours sitting on my lap keeping it warm. After we got done I headed home, and put Kenz down for a nap while I packed our bags for the 'island getaway'(is it really a getaway when you spend the whole time working?)

I always have a blast out on the island and this time was NO exception, between the goat poking, milk test, and our odd sense of humor(seriously we are NUTS) its always a great time. I got to poke and prod kids and figure out my 'short list' of canidates, and I narrowed it down to 2 kids that are already on the ground and am waiting on 2 other does to kid(Mel, and Deux) to see what they toss out. I am really excited because if I get one of these two does I'll be adding another BLACK goat to the herd(3 total). Oh and some spots too!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fight the Frump- Getting to the Sole of The Issue

Today is Fight the Frump with Fussy! Check out all the other participants over at Fussy's WONDERFUL blog.

In today's issue of FtF, I will be dealing with a particular subject that can be touchy. Feet!

Now, I live in the Northwest, so I don't have a very long 'sandal season' in which to show off my feet in cute little sandals. *sighs wistfully* Plus I live on a farm, and don't wear sandals anyways(except on the way to our hot tub).

I hide my feet 90% of the year in horrid looking farm shoes, or rubber boots. I have an occasion coming up in a few weeks that will require me to dress up and wear HEELS *gasps*. I happened to sit down and pull off my socks the other day and realized there was no way they would let me in if my feet looked the way they did. I had a common condition known as WINTER FOOT. You know, when you're feet become dry, and cracked and look like the Gobi Desert? Yeah, my feet didn't even look that good. I have some 'before' pic's I'll dig out later and post if you want(i wouldn't want to scar you).

So I resolved to spend a week pampering my feet every night before bed. So from last Friday, to today I have spent approximately 30 minutes each night pampering my feet!

I soaked them in Epsom salt water, than I used the Olay warming foot scrub(seriously I LOVE that stuff), which was followed by a wrap in the booties(i'll grab a pic later i can't find one right now) for 10-15 minutes. After the booties came off, I would use some Burt's Bee's Shea butter lotion and my trusty foot scrubber to buff the caslouses away. When I was done with that I'd slip my tootsies into a clean pair of socks and slip off to bed.

I am really amazed how much more presentable my feet look now compared to last week. There are some things that will have to be dealt with 'professionally' but I haven't had time to use my spa gift certificate for my mani and pedi.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday blahs

For some reason I have the worst time coming up with a thursday blog. I know wednesday is supposed to be 'hump day' and the worst day of the week but for me it is by far thursday that I despise and loathe.

Tommorow we follow up with the pedi, on K's rash, and then I have to figure out how to shove the crate in my car for saturday's thing at the Children's Muesum.

OH! Did I mention on Saturday I am participating in the "Hop into Spring" festivities at the Everett Children's Museum, so if you are there, stop by and say 'hi' to me and Miss. Silver out in "old mcDonald's farm", we'll be there all morning!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mmm Mmm Good!

So once again, a HUGE thank you goes out to Whovian(T) and Kdvb1(oh and wolfie too). K, I love these pics, I cannot take my eyes off the laptop screen now. *sighs*

I'd like to introduce ya'll to my biggest heart throb, Kyle Schmid.

Oh my goodness, all that cuteness AND a goat
(stuffy on the left is a goat)


*swoons* Seriously, look at those eyes! *fans self*

oh, and meet Dylan Neal, too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

(Breast)Feeding Carnival

Today in celebration of the wonder that is the human body, I am joining in Sarcastic Mom's (Breast)feeding Carnival!

The moment I found out that I was pregnant, I decided that I wanted to breastfeed my baby. I went through the pregnancy, not terribly worried about it(I was a 'low stress' preggo). I didn't take any classes, or read any books, just the quick bits in the "what to expect", and my childbirth class' about it.

Labor and delivery were realitively easy(you'll read about that on 3/24) so it should of been no surprise when Kenzie latched on like a champ not an hour after her entrance into the world. We spent 3 days in the hospital, and I quickly became a favorite patient of the Lactation Consultant. Apparently though I had not 'prepared' to breastfeed, I knew so much it just blew her away. I think it might have something to do with my 'dairy' backround.

We left the hospital, nursing like a pair of champs, and really didn't struggle at home with much other than a short lived latch problem. I loved nursing her, and she loved nursing and just took to it like a fish to water. When we had arrived home(and while in the hospital) I refused to offer her a paci of any kind to soothe her so as not to create a nipple confusion.

The days chugged along and she kept gaining weight, and growing like a weed until the fateful night that summer that I was at work. I was working 13 hour shifts that summer running Pea Combines, without the option to pump(Seriously I worked in fields with no electricity, heck I didn't even have a BATHROOM). So we started to supplement her while I continued nursing as much as possible. We tried every bottle known to man before finding a combination she liked, she had to have the playtex nursers with the LATEX(brown) nipple, no silicone for her.

Okay back to the fateful night. I was at work, when I got the call that she was being particularly fussy, and hard to soothe. We didn't think anything of it other then that maybe she was teething, since leaving was NOT an option I had to finish my shift before heading home. Well when I got home she was still fussy, and hard to soothe, I tried nursing her, rocking her, everything before collapsing into a fitful sleep. When I got up that afternoon, it was more of the same. I knew my baby and I KNEW this was not her usual disposition so I decided to take her into the ER. It was at that point she was diagnosed with a UTI. They reccomended increased fluids, and a check up with our doc. (you can read about the VUR journey here). Well I upped my feedings as much as I could(i was literally a zombie working 13 hour nights, sleeping until 1pm and then up again) and took up pumping what I could while still supplementing with formula.

I despised pumping, as we were NOT friends, it did not matter when, where or how long I pumped I could never get more than a couple of ounces. So I finally gave up on pumping and decided just to use the formula supplementation. So we kept supplementing through the summer and into the fall. That fall I decided that I wanted to keep breastfeeding as long as she wanted, so I cut out some of the bottles, and replaced them with breastfeeding sessions. We kept nursing, and nursing, through the fall, and into winter and the next spring.

In January she started having more bladder infections and again required an uptick in her liquid consumption. So I again added in more bottles much to my chagrin. We kept doing a mix of bottles and breast until shortly after her 1st birthday. April 4th I had to leave to go on a trip across the state and wouldn't be taking her with me. I sat down to nurse her a few hours before we left not knowing it would be the last time she would nurse. I came back from that trip and sat down to nurse her and she flat out turned away and refused. I think I sat there and cried tears of sadness, and of joy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Opps, I almost forgot..

To say thank you to the wonderful wonderful KDVB1, and Wolfie who were also present, at the Con on Sunday with Whovian(W/T).

K, I OWE YOU SO BIG, thanks for getting Dylan's Siggy for me! I Hope ya'lls had a good time, though from what I hear I need not worry!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hmm. Okay, yeah.

So if you have been around here for any length of time you may have read about my secret life before. I am flat out, a HUGE Sci-Fi geek/nerd/fan. I will be the first to admit it. I'm still working on my goal. Though, I would now like to amend that goal.

I will go to a Con, that includes Kyle Schmid. After hearing W's con report from MegaCon, today I am seriously totally 150% jealous, of her! I'm seriously glad that I have friends who'll stand in line, just to get some actor's signature for me, all the way on the other side of the country.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Fight the Frump: Adventures in Hair Coloring Part Deuce

So as I wrote in the previous Frump Fighter's Post (here) I decided that I wanted to go blonde.

Let's just say that going from dark to blonde in one step, didn't go so well:

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Hmmmm..... I don't see much difference, though the lower layers WERE lighter:

And a bit of the top too:

So, since I was at Walm@rt I decided to peruse their hair color aisle. I found this:
I like how all the women look right out of 1980!

So I picked up a box, and also another box of blonde.

I used the remover:



I'm not sure if I will use the blonde as right now I look like this:




Maybe I should of read the directions more carefully?
In case you can't read that it says for medium tinted hair to leave it on for 20-50 minutes, I left it on for 40....but apparently my hair only needed the 'light tinted hair' which is 10-20 minutes.

What's you're vote?

A) Go all the way blonde
B) Leave it the way it is
C) Why the heck are you asking ME?!

Next week in the Frump Fighters, we'll be getting to the Sole of the Issue!