Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fight the Frump, Hair coloring adventures!


So it is time once again to FIGHT THE FRUMP, WITH FUSSY!

This week, I am tackling my hair. Since I have been in Alpha mommy mode(i switch to it from 3/1- 3/10) I decided that I wanted to go back to my 'natural' hair color. Once upon a time, I was a blonde. I got tired of the blonde jokes and nobody taking me seriously so I started dying my hair, Brunette.

Well I have decided that it is HIGH time that I go back to my (blonde) Roots, so to speak. So in today's post we will have a photo journey through my hair coloring battle. (this may continue for a while).

As I am sure you all remember I have a 'dark' hair color now, its kind of auburnish red. (Please, please, please forget my scary eye!)



I am Dying it with this color:
It's about as far from my hair as you can get....

I colored it and left it for 30 minutes instead of the recomended 25 and washed it out, I think I should of left it longer.

Right now it is still wet but it looks like this:



Hmmm.....I have a feeling I won't be quite getting the look I want. Any tips I should have? I'll update more when its dry! I have a feeling that I may need to suck it up, call in the professional's on this one.

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{Karla} said...

I've run into this myself. You'll need to have the color removed from your hair (the dark color) in order for the blonde to work.

hair can be such a pain!


Tamra said...

It'll probably look a little lighter as it dries, but this drastic of a change probably calls for a hair colorist. Good luck!

HRH said...

I loved this. I am a sucker for a self-portrait. We need dried hair pictures! You are so brave because I could never attempt this at home without professional intervention. I am hoping that it turned out well...

Connie said...

I got so tired of my hair color adventures never turning out they way that i wanted so I have given up and I go to the salon now.

Can't wait to see the rest!!

Melody said...

It looks good so far, you may have to color it a few times.

With Garnier, I always leave it 35 minutes. This last time, I still had some stubborn grey. I don't like to do it too oftern, but I usually wait a few weeks, and go after it again.

I will be re-doing mine in a week or too, to hopefully, get it lighter.

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

I'm a nice n easy gal myself! Never darkened, only lightened! ;)