Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fight The Frump: The Little Black dress hunt


Its time again for FIGHT THE FRUMP with Fussy! Now if you have been reading my FTF's for a while you may remember that a few weeks ago I revealed the need for me to wear heels. Well that day is fast approaching and as I was flipping through my closet I came to the realization of 2 things:

1) I have NOTHING to wear. Most of my closet it filled with T-shirts(that are too small), and jeans. I haven't worn a dress since I went to prom 3 YEARS ago. Not even a skirt has graced my hips since then.

2) I have NO shoes to wear. Sneakers just are NOT heels. That one will have to wait though.

This weeks FtF is about the search for the perfect dress. It will be commencing tommorow and extend into Sunday. Hopefully I will find my quarry.

I am looking for a dress similar to this:




I'd like to thank the LOVELY, Christina Cox for modeling it ;) I own no rights to her, or the show on which she wore it(BLOOD TIES).

I LOVE this dress because it is right about knee length, not too long, not too short. It has a nice front to it(though the V is a bit drastic for my mommy rack, possibly) and the back is nice and conservatively high, not showing off 'too much' skin. I think if I can just locate this elusive prey, that I will be all set.

Any other suggestions are very welcome just remember- I'm shopping on a limited time frame I MUST have a dress by Wednesday night for the party Thursday.

I have FOUND the dress see it HERE!


DaisyBug said...

You didn't mention size range or price range...

Kendra said...

Good luck shopping. Nothing better than a little black dress.
(I wrote my fight the frump on heels. HA!)
Well, good luck again....

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Oh, everybody needs a little black dress. Good luck shopping!

Valarie said...

If you have and of the following stores in your area, you might find something there. TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross. I always find pretty good deals there. Also on the heels Payless has had some cute black ones lately. A girl who I have never seen in heels bfore at my office came in with some on that she had gotten from there and she looked great and she said they were very comfortable on her. Sorry I'm rambling. :)

fullheartandhands mama said...

Good luck. I've yet to find my little black dress, but supposedly everyone should have one.

Darla said...

Oh dear, I hate shoppig under pressure.

I need a little black dress too. Not sure for WHAT (cuz where I live it's so casual that short shorts are for "CHURCH" - not kidding!)

Joy said...

Good luck!

Melody said...

OMG - you went to prom 3 years ago? LOL! I am so old! ;-P

Valarie is right - TJMaxx, Ross & Marshalls are all great places to find very reasonably priced dresses - especially if you have an open mind and a good bit of time to go through everything. I really like going there - just not when I'm in a hurry or if I know EXACTLY what I want and nothing else will do - 'cause I won't find it!

But they're great if you just need to find a dress and you want to see what's out there!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Definitely second the recommendation on Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls. They're great for basic wardrobe essentials, though you have to be patient because they don't have everything in every size. Spend some time, save a bunch of money.

I think knowing exactly what you want is half the battle, but also be flexible in case some other style is more flattering to you.

Good luck!

Lil Mouse said...

its prom season. that means dresses will soon be on sale.

try younkers/bergners.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I always have luck with Ann Taylor Loft -- the prices are mid-range. You might be a fraction more, but the clothing is usually of a better quality. Good luck on your hunt!

HRH said...

Oh good luck! Just remember to try a bunch of stuff on. Even if it doesn't look great on the never know.