Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fight the Frump while living in a Barn


As many of you know from past Frump Fighters Posts(and my blog's title) I am a goat farmer. Which means that Spring is my busy season. Meaning I never really am NOT 'frumpy'(in the regular sense of the word). So in celebration of the fast approaching birth of my 37th+ kids, I thought I'd do a post on how I Fight the Fump while living in my barn.

This is my barn:

Inside it looks like this:

I will be spending the next few weeks here:
Though by then it will be clean, and shiny white like every year.

And possibly sleeping here:

So as you can see I won't have much room, or creature comforts out there. Plus it is DANGED cold at night.

To combat looking frumpy I have rules that I follow before going to town. There are a few things though that keep me from looking extra frumpy around here.

First one must skew their definition of 'Frumpy' during the spring kidding season. You are NOT always going to look you're best(sorry Fussy!) but at least its for a good cause. I feel that during the spring the most important key to not looking like a frump-miester, is to ALWAYS have clean clothes on when you start the day. Now if by 9pm you've delivered 5 kids, its OKAY to be a little dirty and messy, births are NOT clean.

I also try to institute the '2 showers a day' rule. That means I get up I take a shower I go through the day get grimy and gross, take another one and go to bed. The ONLY acceptable time I will not follow this rule is those nights I am up until 2 am delivering kids. Then it is Okay to skip the night shower, 'cause I'm exhausted and going to be getting up 4 times that night.

As long as I follow the aforementioned rules, and these couple of addendums, I don't feel quite so frumpy from March through May. In the end is it worth it you ask?


See what you get in the end:
Can you find all 3 in the picture?



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Dre the Texican said...

They are so cute! I love goats. As of right now.

Heather said...

You're rules are awesome! I think they fit with the season and extra busyness, so you go girl!

The kids are way cute, so yes, it's worth it!

sarah said...

I want one. I want one. Okay just kidding but your pictures are adorable.

HRH said...

So worth it. They are precious.

Connie said...

In a previous life, I lived on a cattle ranch. So, I can somewhat relate to your situation. I never had to deliver anything but kittens but it is a very different life!

Nothing is cuter than a baby animal!! Love them!

Melody said...

Sometimes, you have to make exceptions - and those kids are SO cute, truly worth a little frump, right??

Baby Mamma aka Tamra said...

Ah, this brings back such good memories (and memories I'd rather forget!) of last spring when I was also helping our goats kid! (30 does equaled 40+ babies). I didn't bother with FTF too much, although my hubby said I looked hot in my knit John Deere hat. LOL!
This year we have a caretaker doing all that, since I am 8+ months pregnant myself... Can only take so many births, ya know?!
Cute pics!

Darla said...

They are DARLING!

I agree, clean clothes at least to START the day makes a huge difference. =)

Valarie said...

OMGoodness they are too stinkin cute!! Our neighbor just got two pygmy goats they are cute also. I want some, but hubby says no. :(

April said...

I hope you'll still have time to blog - can't wait to hear about these spring-time adventures of the NONfrumpy goat farmer!

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

{Karla} said...

oh they are so stinkin' cute -- I'd be all about looking frumpy if they were the result.

xo ~ K