Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More reasons I am not related to my family.

As you all know this weekend was easter. Which means family gatherings of all shapes and sizes. In our family that ALWAYS guarantees' at least 2-3 good/great antidotes that will forever haunt somebody.

Lately the victim lucky person has been my 14 year old cousin. Now this could just stem from the fact that he is the only male grandchild, or possibly just the whole male thing, or it could be a teenager thing, or a combination therein.

Let me present you with some (recent) examples.

A few months ago we were all at dinner at a nice resturant, and my grandmother was sitting next to M. She leaned over to grab something out of her purse, and in the process brushed against M's leg. Now the rest of us were sitting there having 'normal'(i use the term loosely with my family) converstations, when suddenly the chatter was sliced by the cry of "GRANDMA STOP GRABBING MY BUTT!" I think it took a full five minutes for the table to calm down and stop laughing at poor M.

So for easter M's mom(my aunt) got miss kenzie a GOREGOUS pink hat. I emptied it out to study it and M promptly snatched it away and plopped it on his head:



Though he could just get the oddness from his father:


Or it could just go back to his re-ocuring butt issues. There were a bunch of us gathered around the table chit chatting when M decided to join us. We of course started to give him a hard time about said butt issues. Being a full part of the family M's response was a non-chalant, 'Well grandma just likes to grab my butt because its Manly!'

Seriously, just another reason I swear I'm not related to these people.

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