Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mmm Mmm Good!

So once again, a HUGE thank you goes out to Whovian(T) and Kdvb1(oh and wolfie too). K, I love these pics, I cannot take my eyes off the laptop screen now. *sighs*

I'd like to introduce ya'll to my biggest heart throb, Kyle Schmid.

Oh my goodness, all that cuteness AND a goat
(stuffy on the left is a goat)


*swoons* Seriously, look at those eyes! *fans self*

oh, and meet Dylan Neal, too.


Anonymous said...

I think I have fed the monster and it has GROWN! The monster being your Kyle obsession! LOL Or is it an addiction? He was so charming and adorable! I just wish I had taken the photos with a flash. I was told no flash photography in the autograph area, by the Megacon people over the phone. Obviously, it depends on the actor...Kyle and Dylan didn't seem to mind. I want a camera that takes better pics in low light...grrrr!

I'm glad you like them!

Annalaise duChat said...

Hi Mackenzie's Mom!

I stumbled across your post when it showed up in my Google alerts. That is an adorable picture. I just thought you'd like to know that the goat's name is Billy Bob and the Monkey's name is Crash. Both are the mischievous mascots of our blog:

And often show up at our virtual parties to wreak general havoc. They accompanied some of our girls to Megacon, and had the honor of some intimate cuddle time with Kyle. (lucky toys!)

It sounds like you are a big fan of Kyle Schmid, Dylan Neal and Blood Ties. Feel free to drop by and visit us, as we all are avid fans as well.

Annalaise duChat

Dani-Henrysbaebe said...

OMG OMG OMG I am part of Ms Gypsy's group. When several of us went to Virginia for a weekend together that darn monkey wiggled his way into his shirt and now Kyle is lovingly holding it against his cheek aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh *thud*

I know you are appropriately more excited about the goat but the goat wasn't there at the time. Sorry! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kassandra!

I feel like I owe YOU the favor! I would NEVER have known about Kyle unless you told me about him. And I was so mad at Dylan for being mean to Shep on Atlantis! :P I'm so over it now. Both are gorgeous guys. :D And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have stood in line and been brave to get his signature for you.

Trish <3