Monday, September 24, 2007

The Image

The Image
I sit in stony silence staring at her.
She looks so familiar yet so unknown
as if a stranger so far away.
It is as if I know her yet she isn’t a person
I know and embrace.

I wonder who is she?
What does she believe?
Who does she know of?
How much is she aware of?

I speak to her, question her, beg of her answers
Yet she sits and stares back at me
as if waiting for me to respond to myself.
I look at her she looks at me
We see each other more or less
I start to wonder why she stares
So blank and lifelessly at me
Sizing me up looking, looking
As if gazing into my soul with those glassy eyes.

I slowly realize who she is.
She is me and I am her.
We are one in the same.



I fly so free, so wild, so far.
Into the wild blue yonder beyond
If I wander I shall not lose my way
For this vast blue expanse is my home
So well I fly it for I know I shall
Return home someday.

I maybe tattered and travel worn
Having wandered far and wide
Through yonder sky
of sparkling cerulean blue
Dawning bright, falling black.
Sustaining life around the blue expanse I call home.



A name it echoes reverberating
with every syllable spoken.
It is a figure, a fact, a one in a million.
It is who you are but are you who it is?

It represents who you are
though do you represent who it is?
A name credited to those who nurture you
those who help you grow.

Do they echo?
They echo the name in an empty room
speaking it into the air listening,
listening to it to see if you are it?

New Beginning

New Beginning

The sun and the moon come together
stars brightening the sky.
The fog creeps along the damp soil
of the planet and life emerges.

A new life emerges
with a wiggle and a cry.
The life giving breath quickly flows into
expanded lungs with unanswered cries.

Life emerges through the mist
eyes of yellow and red.
Fire blazing within them
Somehow alive yet they seem dead.


They run up the beach at me
screaming clamoring for attention.
As they get close they quickly turn tail and run.

Run home where they came from….
The Sea

I sit and watch them frolic on the beach
wreaking havoc on unsuspecting sandcastles.
They dash children’s dreams
ruin picnics of beachgoers.

They run up the beach again and again
in an unending dance of sea and sand.
Both fighting for control.
They subside but are not as far away.
Soon all too soon they are upon me,
Yelling, yelling, yelling
They have achieved their goal
they have trapped me beneath them



Rain is falling soft and light like a baby’s blanket.
Rain can pitter and patter soft, hard or as a mist
To some it means life to others death.
The rain splashes on the sidewalks fast and hard.
Rain falls all around.
When it leaves it makes the grass glisten like
a million diamonds scattered across the ground.

Life the 9/11 version

Life 9/11

Life goes on without light.
Life is here and you are not
we have healed and
fallen back into a rut.

We say that we are patriotic
yet it is just a jumble of
words that have now lost all meaning.

Life lives and breathes then……she forgets.

Life goes back to almost the way it was.
So close we are falling back into our old strides.
A stride that hurt us all
a stride that will never
win out over all that is wrong.
Life went on yet so many will not.
Life will hurt hundreds more then
it already has yet life does not care.



Life goes on without light.
Life is here and you are not
we have healed and fallen back into a rut.

We say that we are fine that we do
not hurt yet it is just a jumble of
words that mean nothing for they are not the truth

Life lives and breathes then……she forgets.

Life goes back to almost the way it was.
I remember little things day by day
they bring back the memories of the past.
A past that hurt
A past that will never leave well enough alone.
It must rear its head when I need
it least to remind me of things
that have been bygone things
I desired and cannot grasp.

Things I may never be able to have
I remember the feelings so happy then
came the devastation when
I realized it would not be there
for me to dream about wide eyed with fear
I watched it disappear from my grasp
just out of reach, beyond my limits
Life went on yet I still ache for
that feeling deep inside.

Life will hurt hundreds more times then
it already has yet life does not bat an eye when
I beg and plead for the one thing I wish for to come true.



Terror took hold of
a great nation that
bright morning of September.

Forever our young nation
was changed; forever we will
remember that warm morning
turned ice cold by pictures.

Those pictures will forever haunt us.
The freedom we so proudly hailed
was beginning to fade in the aftermath.

We have become stronger
in many ways though we have
also been shaken awake by this heinous act.

It shocked a whole country into mourning
for those thousands that were lost.
That last and final morning before
our security broke wide open.

With holes the size of three beautiful buildings.
That has forever changed us and
will forever be a part of history.

Let Freedom Ring


Our freedom will never be taken from us
for we are the people of these United States Of America.

This land has been our home
for over 150 years;
it will always be our home.
We will be proud to stand by her
in times of great need
and in times of great joy.

With these times of joy
we will make it through
the dark times we have faced
so often though there
are more challenges yet to come.

We have now encountered a bump
in the road we as Americans
can overcome if we remember-
Our freedom will always ring
We shall be able to get through
these rough and rocky times.



People come in many shapes and sizes.
People may look different on the outside
though we are all the same inside.

People may come
from many nations we should value them for
who they are not what they believe in.

People may have different
religions than you or I though
we all came from the same place.

People may seem mean
though it is just a front to
the big bad world in which we live.



Love comes in all
shapes sizes and colors.
Who are we to say who
should be loved by us
and who should be
hated by the world?

Love should rule our lives,
not a dark hatred that so many feel.
How can you hate someone
you only know through pictures?

The person might be really nice
though you have only seen
their dark side or have
never seen them at all.



Tears were shed for
those many innocent lives lost.
Though as far as
I have seen no tears
have been shed for
the poor soul who is
accused of master
minding that terrible act.

No one stops to think
about if they might
not have been responsible
they only think about
the poor people
whose lives were lost.

While the person who
did it is being chased
by a country filled with devastation.
So much so the cannot
see the pain behind the attack.



Time glides along so slowly like a
gently meandering river.
Yet, she can do so much so fast.
Aging, life, death- it all happens with time.
Time ravages some yet beautifies others.

Time runs her course fast,
yet takes as long as she wants to.
She can hurt then heal.
Time loves, hates and rejoices
when she feels right.

A Friend


A friend is a person who you can trust.
A friend knows you for you.
A friend can cheer you up when you are down.
A friend cherishes your for who you are.
A friend is there for you through the good and bad.
Most of all they like
you for who you are not what you wear or
what you act like.



When you are alone
it’s like taking a breath
of fresh mountain air.

When you think
you are truly alone
you are usually
in a crowded room.

Cherish the times
you are alone
in the world
with your thoughts.

For hardly ever are you
alone in this world
with no one more
for company than
your thoughts.

People Are Like Flowers


People are like flowers
When they are born;
they are like a rose
opening in the spring.

When they are young
they are like a rose
in the summer.

When they are old and gray
they are like a slowly
fading rose in early fall.

When they die they
are like a rose
losing its last
petal in late fall.
People are like flowers.


So I decided after much debate and dilly dallying that I am going to share some of my original poetic works on my blog. I will be titling each one seperately so that if you wish to comment on it you can comment on a single work instead of having to pick out the title of the work on which you are commenting.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

my sick rant

I'll start this blog off with a 'get well soon' shout out to Quenderra, and Fraggle.

I will then move on to the fact that I am sick with what I am pretty sure is the most killer head cold i've had in months. My sinuses are clogged, my throat is scratchy and dry, head is pounding to the point I can't see straight, and my ears are ringing constantly.

The condition wasn't helped any when on Tuesday I was in a MINOR fender bender. I accidently backed into a person's tail light. I offered to pay restitution on the spot(as shucks was across the street) and at first the person agreed, then he went and called his boss who promptly decided that the insurance should become involved(over a tail light mind you). So now there is an investigation into fault and such since the vehicle was NOT parked in a marked spot in the tiny lot(think two cars bumper to bumper touch both sides of the parking lot). I have been very calm about all this though it will likely raise my insurance rates, which will be fun considering I am already streching pennies to get my insurance paid.

Monday, September 17, 2007


As some of you know I went on a retreat over the weekend and had a BLAST!

We left on Friday afternoon and headed up the freeway to Bellingham stopping at Red Robin for dinner which was amazing, I had a Bacon Cheeseburger, and a Mocha Smoothie that was just a nice way to start off the weekend. We then headed out to Cedar Springs to get settled in.

Let me just say Cedar Springs is an AMAZINGLY goregous place. We had a whole lodge to ourselves(though there were many other groups there as well), some of the ladies had arrived earlier and so we walked into the lodge to a roaring woodfire and nice comfy chairs. We had a short session Friday night a 'get to know you' and then we got to do the spa stuff(this was a 'spa retreat'). I honestly have no idea how I had never experienced the wonderfullness that is a parafin treatment before. I did the 'relaxing hands' station which was amazing because I NEVER spend anytime taking care of my hands/myself with the little one around.

Saturday I had planned on getting up and going for a walk around the ponds but that just didn't happen instead I slept in until the golorious hour of 7:45. A small group of us went for a quick walk up to the upper pond and the mill pond before breakfast stopping to take a bunch of pics at the mill pond. We had a nice quiet breakfast and went up to worship before another spa session. Saturday morning I was treated to a pedicure that was just amazing my feet have never been so soft. We had taco salad's for lunch, then I went out on the pond canoeing which was fun until the gardeners showed up on the far end ruining the 'peaceful' atmosphere. I opted to join a couple of the other women on a hike up haystack hill. WOW! that was a workout it was a 750 ft hill that was almost straight up. We reached the top and the view was just amazing, we could see all the way to Canada. We headed down the hill and on the way down I sadly slipped and slid and ended up twisting my ankle. We had a WONDERFUL dinner of salmon that was so good it melted in your mouth and didn't even taste like 'fish' that a lot of people complain about when eating salmon. That night I got to have a wonderful facial that really made my face feel brand new and so soft. A small group of us stayed up for some of the night just chatting which was wonderful.

Sunday I had again planned on getting up early but it jus didn't happen as I didn't sleep well due to the big scary bug in my bathroom. I debated sleeping through breakfast but alas that didn't happen either as a couple of the wonderful ladies woke me up but boy was I glad that they had we had a wonderful blueberry crumb cake and wonderful scrambled eggs for breakfast. The wonderful caretaker went while I was eating breakfast and took care of my 'little' bug problem, apparently it was a caterpillar moth that had partially transformed into a moth. After breakfast I packed up and grabbed a nice shower then went and participated in our final session before heading home.

On a side note I was sad, because on our hike I had taken my camera with to snap pics and we got about halfway up and pulled my camera out and went to push down the button and it just didn't happen. So I glanced down and the shutter button was missing! So I get to deal with having my camera repaired now.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

RIP Rodney McKay and Jesse's Abigaile

For those of you who haven't heard the little goat mentioned in the last blog entry(yes I know its been a while), Rodney Mckay, had to be put to sleep later that same week on the 22nd of August due to complications that made him cross the line from 'sick' to the 'pain and suffering' side of life which I feel is just an unacceptable thing to make an animal any animal suffer. He fought a valiant fight while he was sick going through four days of intense treatment and rallying a little each day but in the end sadly his fighting spirit just wasn't enough to overcome whatever it was that took him out. We preformed a necropsy(the vet let me attend), and while we were both stumped by the findings(everything appeared healthy for the most part) and the results came back clean from WADDL(Washington Animal Disease and Diagnostics Laboratory), we have therefore been unable to determine what might have been a COD(cause of Death).

He was only on earth for a short 4 months but Rodney deeply touched my heart and my soul leaving his little hoofprints in my heart forever he will be deeply missed and forever I will be in his debt for teaching me so much in such a short time I'll miss you baby! (4/21/2007 to 8/22/2007)



RIP TTLF Jesse's Abigaile

About a week after Rodney passed away his dear darling little sister Abigaile became very ill and sadly passed away. Luckily we know what was the COD on her I feel very bereft that I hadn't suspected the Coccidia and Strongyles sooner or I may have been able to save her. To my benefit though the vet did comment that she was a 'perfect' case of managment as she didn't show any signs of illness until the day before she passed away.

This little girl had a fighters spirit right from the start having almost died in kidding as she was a true buttling breech(where the animals butt is presenting to the birth canal), and was born with two sets of contracted tendons in her front legs that required her to have her front legs splinted for 10 days and stay in the house about 3 weeks when a 'normal' kid only gets at most 7 to 10 days depending on how fast they catch onto the bottle feeding process. Our "IC" kids get 10 days and around the clock(24/7) feedings and our 'NC' kids get 8am to 10pm feedings and time outside everyday. Abigaile was a very special "IC" kid getting to be carried around with me as her brother was an exceptional "NC" kid who was a quick study on the practice of life.

Abi experienced a very wonderful life and I was looking forward to watching her grow into a beautiful young doe and later maturing into a daughter that would make her mother proud as she was the last doe kid out of my beloved Jesse whom is now retired. I will miss you Abigaile but I know that you are at the Rainbow bridge waiting for me. (4/21/2007 to 9/2/2007)

I will miss you both and I cannot wait until the day that I see you again kids have fun in the big green pastures up there while you wait I will see you when it is time for me to join you. Don't be sad I know that you aren't in pain, don't cry for me I remember you fondly, just play and run be happy and frolick gleefully in the pasture. ~mumm