Sunday, September 16, 2007

RIP Rodney McKay and Jesse's Abigaile

For those of you who haven't heard the little goat mentioned in the last blog entry(yes I know its been a while), Rodney Mckay, had to be put to sleep later that same week on the 22nd of August due to complications that made him cross the line from 'sick' to the 'pain and suffering' side of life which I feel is just an unacceptable thing to make an animal any animal suffer. He fought a valiant fight while he was sick going through four days of intense treatment and rallying a little each day but in the end sadly his fighting spirit just wasn't enough to overcome whatever it was that took him out. We preformed a necropsy(the vet let me attend), and while we were both stumped by the findings(everything appeared healthy for the most part) and the results came back clean from WADDL(Washington Animal Disease and Diagnostics Laboratory), we have therefore been unable to determine what might have been a COD(cause of Death).

He was only on earth for a short 4 months but Rodney deeply touched my heart and my soul leaving his little hoofprints in my heart forever he will be deeply missed and forever I will be in his debt for teaching me so much in such a short time I'll miss you baby! (4/21/2007 to 8/22/2007)



RIP TTLF Jesse's Abigaile

About a week after Rodney passed away his dear darling little sister Abigaile became very ill and sadly passed away. Luckily we know what was the COD on her I feel very bereft that I hadn't suspected the Coccidia and Strongyles sooner or I may have been able to save her. To my benefit though the vet did comment that she was a 'perfect' case of managment as she didn't show any signs of illness until the day before she passed away.

This little girl had a fighters spirit right from the start having almost died in kidding as she was a true buttling breech(where the animals butt is presenting to the birth canal), and was born with two sets of contracted tendons in her front legs that required her to have her front legs splinted for 10 days and stay in the house about 3 weeks when a 'normal' kid only gets at most 7 to 10 days depending on how fast they catch onto the bottle feeding process. Our "IC" kids get 10 days and around the clock(24/7) feedings and our 'NC' kids get 8am to 10pm feedings and time outside everyday. Abigaile was a very special "IC" kid getting to be carried around with me as her brother was an exceptional "NC" kid who was a quick study on the practice of life.

Abi experienced a very wonderful life and I was looking forward to watching her grow into a beautiful young doe and later maturing into a daughter that would make her mother proud as she was the last doe kid out of my beloved Jesse whom is now retired. I will miss you Abigaile but I know that you are at the Rainbow bridge waiting for me. (4/21/2007 to 9/2/2007)

I will miss you both and I cannot wait until the day that I see you again kids have fun in the big green pastures up there while you wait I will see you when it is time for me to join you. Don't be sad I know that you aren't in pain, don't cry for me I remember you fondly, just play and run be happy and frolick gleefully in the pasture. ~mumm

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