Monday, September 17, 2007


As some of you know I went on a retreat over the weekend and had a BLAST!

We left on Friday afternoon and headed up the freeway to Bellingham stopping at Red Robin for dinner which was amazing, I had a Bacon Cheeseburger, and a Mocha Smoothie that was just a nice way to start off the weekend. We then headed out to Cedar Springs to get settled in.

Let me just say Cedar Springs is an AMAZINGLY goregous place. We had a whole lodge to ourselves(though there were many other groups there as well), some of the ladies had arrived earlier and so we walked into the lodge to a roaring woodfire and nice comfy chairs. We had a short session Friday night a 'get to know you' and then we got to do the spa stuff(this was a 'spa retreat'). I honestly have no idea how I had never experienced the wonderfullness that is a parafin treatment before. I did the 'relaxing hands' station which was amazing because I NEVER spend anytime taking care of my hands/myself with the little one around.

Saturday I had planned on getting up and going for a walk around the ponds but that just didn't happen instead I slept in until the golorious hour of 7:45. A small group of us went for a quick walk up to the upper pond and the mill pond before breakfast stopping to take a bunch of pics at the mill pond. We had a nice quiet breakfast and went up to worship before another spa session. Saturday morning I was treated to a pedicure that was just amazing my feet have never been so soft. We had taco salad's for lunch, then I went out on the pond canoeing which was fun until the gardeners showed up on the far end ruining the 'peaceful' atmosphere. I opted to join a couple of the other women on a hike up haystack hill. WOW! that was a workout it was a 750 ft hill that was almost straight up. We reached the top and the view was just amazing, we could see all the way to Canada. We headed down the hill and on the way down I sadly slipped and slid and ended up twisting my ankle. We had a WONDERFUL dinner of salmon that was so good it melted in your mouth and didn't even taste like 'fish' that a lot of people complain about when eating salmon. That night I got to have a wonderful facial that really made my face feel brand new and so soft. A small group of us stayed up for some of the night just chatting which was wonderful.

Sunday I had again planned on getting up early but it jus didn't happen as I didn't sleep well due to the big scary bug in my bathroom. I debated sleeping through breakfast but alas that didn't happen either as a couple of the wonderful ladies woke me up but boy was I glad that they had we had a wonderful blueberry crumb cake and wonderful scrambled eggs for breakfast. The wonderful caretaker went while I was eating breakfast and took care of my 'little' bug problem, apparently it was a caterpillar moth that had partially transformed into a moth. After breakfast I packed up and grabbed a nice shower then went and participated in our final session before heading home.

On a side note I was sad, because on our hike I had taken my camera with to snap pics and we got about halfway up and pulled my camera out and went to push down the button and it just didn't happen. So I glanced down and the shutter button was missing! So I get to deal with having my camera repaired now.

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Fran said...

Wow sounds like you had fun. On Weekends I like to escape and take a walk through a few nature trails here in Toronto. They are far away enough from traffic and in a valley that you cannot hear traffic until you are at the end of the trail.