Monday, September 24, 2007



Life goes on without light.
Life is here and you are not
we have healed and fallen back into a rut.

We say that we are fine that we do
not hurt yet it is just a jumble of
words that mean nothing for they are not the truth

Life lives and breathes then……she forgets.

Life goes back to almost the way it was.
I remember little things day by day
they bring back the memories of the past.
A past that hurt
A past that will never leave well enough alone.
It must rear its head when I need
it least to remind me of things
that have been bygone things
I desired and cannot grasp.

Things I may never be able to have
I remember the feelings so happy then
came the devastation when
I realized it would not be there
for me to dream about wide eyed with fear
I watched it disappear from my grasp
just out of reach, beyond my limits
Life went on yet I still ache for
that feeling deep inside.

Life will hurt hundreds more times then
it already has yet life does not bat an eye when
I beg and plead for the one thing I wish for to come true.

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