Monday, September 24, 2007

The Image

The Image
I sit in stony silence staring at her.
She looks so familiar yet so unknown
as if a stranger so far away.
It is as if I know her yet she isn’t a person
I know and embrace.

I wonder who is she?
What does she believe?
Who does she know of?
How much is she aware of?

I speak to her, question her, beg of her answers
Yet she sits and stares back at me
as if waiting for me to respond to myself.
I look at her she looks at me
We see each other more or less
I start to wonder why she stares
So blank and lifelessly at me
Sizing me up looking, looking
As if gazing into my soul with those glassy eyes.

I slowly realize who she is.
She is me and I am her.
We are one in the same.


Mel said...

Hey, nice! I'm gonna have to come back and catch up on some reading, looks like! Very deep and profound--I like it!

FraggleDragon said...

WOW! I loved that! Well done! Quite eerie, and had echoes of Kass looking at Quen for a moment!
Keep it up!

cazu said...

Very deep! I have been thinking of reading more poetry just lately. I think sometimes we all look in the mirror and dont recognize ourselves.