Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blowing cr@p up.

So my favorite day of the year is fast approaching and I'm not looking forward to it this year. You may remember last year where I reigned supreme and forced tears onto unsuspecting victims. This year I will have no such joy.

See I was recently informed by the high council of fireworks, that I will not be allowed to participate in the fireworks celebration due to a small short midget who refers to me as 'mom'.

Now as a parent I expected to give some things up- my mind, my dignity, my ability to go places alone, my bladder control. THIS however is not something I anticipated having to give up.....

If I had to choose a single holiday as my favorite it would undoubtedly be the 4th of July. Not because of the whole Independence Day thing, or any of the historical attributes to it but because of the fact that I get to blow crap up LEGALLY!

This year more than others I could really use the excuse to blow crap up. See the 9th of July we have Kenzie's MRI. The 22nd is her Neurologist appointment. Sometime in between I start working 14 hour nights. So this would be one last hurrah so to speak for me and my touchy temper. *sighs* oh well guess I'll have to swallow my pride and watch from the other side of the looking glass.

So if you need a pyrotechnic nut, to put on your fireworks show I'm available.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Random Picture Saturday

6-21-08 006

6-21-08 008

On a sadder note, I received a phone call this evening informing me that last night we had a 'masked marauder'. Apparently it killed Slowpoke, and 2 of the ducklings(I don't know which two as I'm not currently home to Id them). More to come be sure to tune in tomorrow.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


In case you haven't heard, this weekend I will be MIA. Tomorrow afternoon I am leaving to head into Seattle with my parenting group, and we are attending the Women of Faith conference on Saturday at Key Arena. After that is over instead of driving home I am taking one last shot at freedom, and 'running away' to the island.

I will have an automatic post up for tomorrow, as the hotel in which we are staying apparently charges a 'nominal fee' for their high speed internet access in their non-high end rooms. They have 'free access' in the lobby but really who wants to sit in the lobby. Plus I'd like to actually maybe relax a little(I'm going to have access to a pool AND and exercise room).

So I will see y'all SATURDAY if not later. So if you are going to MTH, have fun, and stay out of trouble!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A couple recent snap shots

Since the weather was so nice yesterday and today we have had a lot of opportunity to be outside enjoying the sunshine. I have been snapping pictures left and right. Most of them have been blahish but I had 2 that just blew me away. So I thought I'd share them in all their UNEDITED glory.

6-21-08 011



6-21-08 012



Now for some of the other pictures I snapped:

6-21-08 016

The tractor is just sitting there NOT running(it ran out of gas)

A series I've nicknamed "Run, run as fast as you can!"

6-21-08 021    

6-21-08 002

6-21-08 022

6-21-08 019

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anybody happen to have a can of Gremlin out handy?

I have recently come to the conclusion I either need to stop pissing off higher powers, OR buy some stock in "Gremlin Out".

In the last several weeks/months, nothing has really gone my way, from Kenzie's pediatrician leaving, to my car accident, to the summer job. Now add my car gremlin to the lengthy list, and you have my current issue.

So as you may remember about 2 months ago I had some car problems that resulted in my car needing its radiator replaced. Okay, fine, I replaced it. Now fast forward to yesterday. I get in my car to drive to town, and I got about 2 miles down the road when I noticed a blinking light on the dashboard of doom. I glance down and mutter softly under my breath because its THAT light, the 'check radiator' light. Okay no big deal, I'll check it later since you can't while it's hot. So I go to town, and go home, and leave the car to sit for the rest of the day, forgetting about the 'check radiator' light. That is until last evening when I got in and headed back to town to go to the library to get some work done. I got to again about 2 miles from home and again the light comes on. Okay, this is getting suspiscious. *makes mental note* Got to the library was there for about 2 hours working, and then they closed I head out and got in my car and headed home, and again the light comes on.

Okay so its 9pm and I can't call the mechanic's shop NOW, because they just aren't there. So this morning after getting up bright and early to do chores and other assorted sundry tasks around the farm, I get on the phone to our family mechanic. I explain the problem, and remind him that just 2 months ago he replaced the whole darn thing so I'm not too happy at this point. He says he can squeeze it in at 1 o'clock.  Okay that works.

So I drove up, and dropped the car off, the light blinking intermittently at me the whole drive up. While there I got a lecture on the dangers of not changing your oil(apparently I was about 4,000 miles overdue) and then was sent home to await the car's fate.

10 minutes ago the phone rings and who is it on the phone? The mechanics, they had located the source of my 'check radiator' light, apparently my WATER PUMP is leaking. One of the only 2 parts they did NOT replace when they replaced the radiator. *sighs* So now I am face with a choice- do I bring the car home, have it sit here, and not drive it for several weeks until I can get the money together to pay for it to be repaired, or do I have them repair it now and pay it as I get the money over the next couple weeks with the summer job.

I'd like to buy some of that stock now ;)

Monday, June 23, 2008

The 3 Legged Goat

I’d settled in to watch Kavan’s {smith} new movie and was 3/4’s of the way through when the family came in FREAKING out. Okay, okay, I’ll get up, what is it?

So they’d gone out to feed the wee goats their last bottle and one was hobbling around with 3 count them 3 legs. So what do they do? They assume that said goat has accidentally dismembered itself and that they MUST freak out.

I walk outside spend a moment and a half checking the area, NOPE! No leg. Okay onto the goat. Hmm thats rather odd, has there ALWAYS been a foot where your left ear belongs? No? Okay! So pick the wee kid up, gently remove the leg from its position across the back of her neck, and VOILA! a 4 legged goat. *shakes head* Family!

The kid is just fine today not having sustained any noticeable damage from the 'accident' yesterday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More things I have learned recently

In an effort to better myself I have been approaching new tasks, and tackling them. Most I have not had a chance to photograph, but there have been a few I did.

Some things I have learned recently:

* How to turn off the water to a sink, and remove the trap in effort to locate a lost item.

* How to almost kill myself in one fell swoop. Just breathe cotton balls.

* How to explain the scar on my arm in new and more humorous ways(I tried to pay for gas but apparently they only accept LEFT arms).

and last but not least:

* How to install a new toilet seat!

6-20-08 004

6-20-08 001

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something I learned to do yesterday

Make two-tone Jell-O!!!

Step 1: Start with Jell-O pack 1

6-20-08 006


Step 2: Boil 2 Cups water

6-20-08 007


Step 3: Empty Contents of Package into Bowl

6-20-08 008


Step 4: Wait for water to boil

6-20-08 011

Step 4a: Be bored Make designs on Jell-O (OPTIONAL)

6-20-08 014


Step 5: Add 2 cups boiling water to Powder

6-20-08 015


Step 5a: Stir:

6-20-08 016

Step 6: Stir in 2 cups cold water:

6-20-08 009

6-20-08 020

Step 7: Refigerate 2 and a half hours or until firm BUT tacky

6-20-08 024    

Step 8: Repeat Steps 1-5 with Jell-O Pack #2

6-20-08 026

Step 9: Pull out Cooled Jell-O

6-20-08 028

Step 10: Pour Second Jell-O mix slowly and carefully over 1st:

6-20-08 030

6-20-08 034

Step 11: Cool 4 hours, then remove and assume you have failed as the Jell-O appears purple(apparently I lost my color lessons)


6-21-08 001

6-21-08 006

Friday, June 20, 2008

Reason #274 you don't leave toddlers alone....

6-20-08 0066-20-08 001

6-20-08 002

6-20-08 003

6-20-08 004

6-20-08 005

You should NEVER EVER EVER walk away from a toddler who has a red marker and paper on which to color. She will invariably eat the marker and make it look like she is bleeding, thus freaking you out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Fellow Library Patrons

First off sorry I have been MIA this week. I have been suffering from a severe bout of "The death" that was kindly shared with me by sweet darling little kenzie, and also a bit of writers block. I promise that the Gay Feline Chronicles ARE coming.

Now onto today's post. I have the rather unfortunate habit of getting a wee bit distracted while working at home. So since I had to do some major downloading this evening I decided to pack up the laptop and head into the library and work, use the free wi-fi.

Upon arriving I realized that it must be "Crowd the Library Day" because I had to park over in the middle school's parking lot and fracking walk to the library(this is a lot I wouldn't normally park in, even in BROAD daylight). No big deal I can deal with that.

I got into the library and surveyed the setting that was laid out before me. To my right are the 'prime tables' with the FAST internet, and the good lights, and everything a computer junky could want. Unfortunantely one of the tables was completely full, and the other held a surly looking girl about my sisters age. Now normally that wouldn't be a problem but since I intended to pretend I was 'working' I didn't want to sit with PEOPLE. So I moved off to the left hand side of the library in search of a tableau at which I could find some peace.

Alas I could not find that peace. I picked the nice empty table, with a free plug in, sat down, got comfortable and thats when it all started going downhill.

Apparently the seat in which my bum currently resides is directly in the path of the very noisy, and archaic A/c? system that randomly turns on makes bug zapper noises and turns off. Secondly to my right there was a small group of 'older' people with their newspapers. Fine. I can deal with that. Right up until they started trying to engage me in their discussion of current events, and the news. Um, Hello, see the laptop? Yeah W O R K I N G. Thanks!

They left after awhile and were replaced by a rather interesting looking fellow who was for the most part the perfect library companion. He was quiet, and didn't bother me, and had a smoking hot laptop that I could drool over(what can I say I'm a geek).  Plus at the end of my library session he provided rather interesting discourse as he turned out to also be a SG fan.

So please if your going to sit next to me in the library either leave me alone, or at least be a geek that I can relate to.

Thank you,


Monday, June 16, 2008

100 Things- The Final Edition

So today my 100 things comes to an end(stop applauding, you know you liked it!). In the past 9 editions I have covered many many topics: Entertainment, Parties, Travel, Countries *waves* Hi Europe!, Food, Random stuff, Crushes, Jobs, and ME!

So since I am at a loss for a topic I can do 10 things over its going to be again Random day!

10 Random Things:

1) I have recently discovered a few different kinds of Jell-O shots. My favorite recipe is for the Caffeinated Jell-O shots. Please share your favorite Jell-O shot recipe!

2) Apparently my muse works really hard when it wants to. Not always on the 'correct' project. For instance I am supposed to be writing a Squirrel Fic. My muse would much rather play with Photoshop, and make Profiles, and wall papers.

3) My sciatic nerve has been acting up again. It has been almost 3 years since my last attack of sciatic. I have no idea why this is happening NOW or what caused this bout. I know what started it though.

4) In a search through my boxes of crap stuff, I recently found my high school diploma.

5) I am a pack rat. I have stuff that I don't remember acquiring. Anyone need some Beta Gravel?

6) The only kind of ice cream I will ever eat again is Tillamook Ice Cream. It is like heaven in a quart.

7) I have a 4 inch scar on my upper right arm. It is NOT from some horrid accident, so stop saying that! It is from a cat, shut up, I know that is a crappy story but its the truth.

8) When writing stories, and especially poetry, I MUST write them on paper before I put them on the laptop. I will edit the crap out of them on the laptop, then they get filed away into 'the book' where I keep all my poetry.

9) I have 3 "Rodeo style" belt buckles. I only know where 1 of them currently is. I worked my butt off for those things.

10) There is no way that my sister and I shared the same uterus, even if we were born 7 years apart. I am too much a geeky-tomboy, and she too much a preppy-athletic-popular-girly girl to have shared the same growing environment.


So with that concludes our visit into the 100 things list. Tune in tomorrow for the Gay Feline Chronicles.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

100 Things- The Entertainment Edition

So this is my next to last 100 things post. Tomorrow we will wrap it up in a big way so tune in then to find out!

Today's post will center around my 10 favorite: Books/Movies/Songs/Television Shows. Do you have any idea how hard it was to narrow that list down? No? This is one subject that I could probably do a top 50 of(so count yourself lucky I DID narrow it down).

These are listed in no particular order.

Top 10 TV/Movies/Songs/Books:

1) "I Hope You Dance" By Lee Ann Womack- I wrote a page and a half essay in 10th grade about this song, I'll have to dig it up sometime.

2) "Butterfly Kisses" By Bob Carlisle- This is and always will be my "Daddy song" aka the "Father Daughter Dance" song for my wedding.

3) "She Didn't Have Time" By Terri Clark- This has become my theme song of sorts for life (not to be confused with "International Harvester" which is my SUMMER theme song)

4) "A Walk in the Clouds" Everytime I see this movie it makes me cry. I am NOT a Keanu Reeves fan, BUT I love him to death in this movie.

5) "A Walk To Remember" I have some very strong memories attached to this movie. We WILL NOT cover them, as they are not 'fit for print'(okay maybe we will just not here and now, maybe when this blog grows up a little)

6) "Blood Ties" Best vampire series ever made. Do NOT try to even tell me that "Moonlight" was better. It was a cheap knock off of the 'real thing'. It was the Fucci.

7) "JAG" I was a fan of this show from the time I was about 9 years old. I remember having a HUGE crush on David James Elliot(I now wonder what I was thinking). I still love Catherine Bell, and follow her career pretty closely.

8) "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" I stumbled onto this one after falling in love with "Bewitched". I even named a cat "Harvey". I did however LOVE Aaron, but was happy that Sabrina ran off with Harvey instead(yes I was a shipper even then).

9) "The Call of the Wild"  By Jack London- This is a must read book, in fact every 2 years or so I re-read it just because I can.

10) "Stargate Atlantis" Did you really think I could make a list of my 10 favorites and NOT include the show that I have devoted the last year to memorizing(okay not literally). I love this show with wild abandon. Yes I realize to some this makes me a geek(not most of my readers however). I do not care. I am happier being a Geek than I ever have been at any other point in my life.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

100 Things: The Party Edition

Okay in the past 6 posts I've covered a wide range of topics: Travel, Countries, Food, Random, Crushes, Jobs, and Me.

Today's Entry will cover a Party of Topics. The 2 'best' parties I've been to, and the 2 'worst'. Also I'll cover 6 more Random facts.

2 Best Parties:

1) When I was 15 I went on a cruise for my birthday. They were awesome enough to throw a small 'party' for my birthday. This was the last time I celebrated my birthday.

2) Last weekend. Girls Night Out. My two best friends from High School, and I went out 'drinking'(there was NO alcohol involved), had dinner, and went to the mall and wandered around a while.

2 Worst Parties:

1) My 'sweet 16' party. Seriously all I got was a cupcake, and a balloon. Oh and that was also the year I met my ex. The day AFTER my birthday.

2) My graduation party. No one apparently felt the need to celebrate me graduating High School, so there was NO party. I did invite people, and 1 person showed up. My family didn't even bother to attend. Oh and at the time I was recovering from my dislocated shoulder so the only picture I have is this one:

Grad pres_edited

6 Random Facts:

1) I used to know the entire Military Phonetic Alphabet. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to.

2) Before I had Kenzie my 'life plan' involved joining the ARMY, going to vet college, and then going to live in DC and working with the Caisson Horses. They are the ones who pull the flag draped coffins of military heroes.

3) I have visited all the states WEST of the Continental Divide: Oregon, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, and Alaska. I live in Washington so it doesn't 'count' in the state bingo. This means I only have 37 states left to visit.

4) Someday I'd like to visit all the states EAST of the Continental Divide. Including the weird little Eastern Seaboard ones like New Jersey.

5) No matter the season I only sleep with one blanket over me. Otherwise I get too hot. I have 1 sheet, 2 blankets, and 3 quilts on my bed under me but only 1 blanket is actually on TOP of me. On this same note I sleep with no less than 7 pillows(including the Boppy), a stuffy Snowman, and my baby blanket.

6) I may be an 'adult' but I name my stuffies. My current stuffy is called "Peter", past stuffies have included "Billy Joe", and "Jim Bob"(they went together), and "Fuzzy". I have also named such items as sweatshirts. Mostly my $44 sweatshirt which is named "Pishkah".

Friday, June 13, 2008

100 Things: The Travel Post

So, at request of my readers, I'm doing this edition of 100 things about countries I have been too(not many) and countries I'd love to go to(a lot).

9 countries I'd Like to visit and 1 I have.

9 Places to Visit

1) The UK- I think that the UK is so steeped in history that it would be an amazing place to visit.

2) Australia- I have always had a thing for kangaroos, and wallabies, and would love to see Sydney(the Opera house, the bridge). Melbourne, and NSW also intrigue me.

3) Ukraine- I realize this isn't technically a 'country' but its one of the regions from which my lineage hails.

4) Sweden- Another history rich land I'd love to visit, plus it goes along with my next country.

5) Norway- I live in a small town where our idea of cultural diversity is this- Your either Svedish, or Norveigan. Beyond that? You don't belong here.

6) The Bahamas- A nice tropical Isle, where one can laze in the sand ;)

7) Italy- I've heard lots of good things, about Italy that have made me want to visit there.

8) Greece- I'd love to see the calderas, and some of the again history steeped lands.

9) Scotland- Another country from which my fine screwy lineage hails from.

and last but not least the 1 country I HAVE been to:

10) Canada- I have traveled extensively in British Columbia, though I'd love to see Alberta as that is where my grandmother was born(Lethbridge). I'm fairly intrigued by Quebec, and Newfoundland, though I think the most intriguing to me is Manitoba. I have had the privilege of visiting Victoria, and have spent a fair amount of time now roaming Vancouver, but I'd love to see Tsawwassen, and Ladner.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Must Have Pictures


6-12-08 001

6-12-08 002

6-12-08 003

6-12-08 004


6-12-08 014

6-12-08 016

6-12-08 018


6-12-08 020

6-12-08 023

6-12-08 025

6-12-08 026

6-12-08 029

100 Things, The Countries Edition

So since I'd rather not think today, I thought I'd come up with 10 countries that have visited my blog. There are a couple places that I'm not sure where they are, maybe y'all can help me(cities not countries). This will also be known as the 'cheaters' edition of 100 things.

I'd like YOU *yes YOU* to suggest a topic for tomorrow!


1) UK including the British Virgin Islands

2) Canada- Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec

3) Norway

4) Pakistan- Uh, okay why?

5) Italy

6) Switzerland

7) Mexico

8) Spain

9) Finland

10) Indonesia


Now here is the part where I ask for your help.

Can you tell me where the heck the following 3 cities are? I'm rather curious as Google Maps cannot find them.

~ Sneby and Österdälje

I *think* these are located somewhere in Europe, just no clue where

~ Little Burleigh 

Again, I *think* its somewhere in Europe but not sure.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

100 Things: The Food Edition

In today's edition of 100 things I will be covering my perverse food habits. In the past you may remember I have covered: Me, My Jobs, My Crushes, and Random Divided crap.

10 things about Food

1) I love bananas, BUT I cannot stand the smell of them or the way they feel when you peel them. It seriously makes me shudder, and I MUST eat bananas with a paper towel or something if they are completely peeled.

2) Chinese Food is my favorite food group. I could eat Chinese food every single day. Just give me a hot guy, some good chinese and some bad beer, and you got my idea of heaven.

3) If I cant have Chinese food, I will readily go for Mexican instead. Though only burritos. None of that fancy schmancy fajita crap for me. Beans, Rice, Meat. That is all.

4) I am a cheese freak. Give me a good cheese and I can describe it to you using about 3-5 different words such as 'overtones', 'floral notes', 'cave aged', 'aftertaste'. Tasting cheese is a very very fine art. Just ask my cheese guy.

5) I will never ever ever look at milk the same way ever again. I spent 2 years in high school on the Dairy Foods Team for FFA. Where they teach you how to identify, and 'score' all the off flavors in milk. Totally ruins a nice cold glass when you get a slight metallic and feed undertone to it.

6) On the same note I will never ever look at PEAS the same way again. If y'all knew what I did from 2 summers of harvesting them you wouldn't eat them either. Then again it goes for most low growth harvested foods.

7) I have eaten animals that I raised and butchered myself. That was the best f*cking turkey EVER. Melt in your mouth delicious. Though that may of had something to do with the fact that the besterd wasn't chasing me around anymore.

8) I can look at a cow, pig, chicken or whatever, and pick out the best cuts of meat on the hoof(or foot, or claw or whatever). Personally I prefer picking my meat while still on the hoof.

9) While I love pickles, and olives unlike some people in this household I cannot even stomach the juice that goes with said items. My sister drinks pickle juice, AND olive juice straight *shudders* there is NO way we were gestated in the same uterus no way.

10) I love cereal for breakfast. I will only eat cereal(hot or cold) for breakfast. Though in order to eat it, it must all get completely dunked, not once but twice before I will eat ANY of it, though it must NOT be soggy, just damp.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

About the "Dead Body Incident"

Okay since I have had a couple of you ask about the "Dead Body Incident" I figured I'd post the story here.

**Disclaimer- Names have been changed to protect the innocent(and the not so innocent)**


**Thirdly- at the time I nearly got fired over this as I was being a 'liability'**

A little history- I worked the last two summers for a company running pea harvesters. I work nights, and they are long and boring.  Therefore lots, and lots of strange things happen.


So we had been off work for several nights when we finally got the call that we'd be running again. So went out to the fields our 'day' crew was in to finish them up before moving onto the new field. 

We got all done, and somehow I ended up in front machine, which like NEVER happened, ever. So we get to our new field and its dark, and I'm driving along opening the field(driving along the edge harvesting) and procedure calls for someone to be walking in front of me which our foreman is doing. Well suddenly he stops me has me shut down my machine, and just QUIT, and runs off. I'm sitting, and sitting, and sitting and my phone rings and its the ex, I'm bored so I answer, you know cause its like 11pm, and there is nothing better to do. So finally after like FOREVER of sitting there I got annoyed(because seriously it was boring.) so I clicked 'mute' on my phone so I could get on the radio and ask the 'boys'(i was one of 2 girls on night shift, and the ONLY girl that night working), what was going on.

Apparently my 'mute' didn't work, so I asked the boys, and one of them came back with, "OH yeah, there's like a dead body in our field, means we're going to have to go home early I guess", so not believing them(and still thinking that the phone was on mute), I was all 'oh yeah sure, guess, that Sucks!' and hearing the sarcasm in my voice the kid was all 'well i saw Joe* go running by and he told me! so its got to be true' I was all whatever, and went back to my phone conversation, not realizing the ex had heard the WHOLE exchange.

So he is suddenly all 'did i hear something about a dead body?', and I was all (jokingly of course) 'oh yeah, the guys said that Joe said that bestard** found a body' next thing I know, idiot is hanging up on me and then there's like a GAZZILLION guys from the company showing up in OUR field. well turns out idiot went and asked our mechanic guy, who asked our other mechanic guy who was bored, who decided to drive out and call the shop boss, and thus get ME in trouble.

So I totally got MY ass chewed out by foreman, and then the helper, came up and I was all 'so i guess i'm in shit aye?' and he was all 'nah he thought it was funny' whatever!

Turns out the whole reason everyone was running around like crazy we were supposed to 'spot cut'(only cut portions) of this field and the foreman thought that we'd missed the cut off.


Hope this settles everyone's curiosity about the "Dead body Incident"! Leave any further questions in the comments section, and I'll answer them!

100 Things: the Divided List

So in today's 100 things I'm going to be a bit different. Instead of a list of 10 things on 1 topic, I am going to cover 3 topics.

5 Things I can do that I wish I couldn't, 4 Things I wish I COULD do, and the WORST job ever.


5 Things I can do that I wish I couldn't:

1) My jaw is double jointed on the Left side, and is constantly popping, cracking, and generally being a nuisance. I therefore wish either both sides were double jointed(Seriously just one side WTF?!) or neither!

2) I can CORRECTLY hold down a squirming, wiggly infant/toddler while doctors place a catheter in her to extract urine.

3) I can also hold down a toddler while they draw blood from her arm while she is screaming and flailing. The nurses were in awe of this skill yesterday during our 'emergency' doctors appointment.

4) I can identify, and fix most minor problems in a small tractor engine. Also some large tractors too.

5) I know several ways to easily, and quickly dispose of bodies. My favorite saying used to be- "I got a shovel, and my neighbors 20 acres, don't trifle with me"


4 Things I wish I COULD Do:

1) I wish I could be coordinated enough to climb things, and NOT get hurt. It seems like everytime I climb something, I end up hurt. This is why I was freaked the frell out yesterday when I was up on that ladder in the thunderstorm, playing with the extension cord that powers the barn. Seriously Electricity+Thunderstorm+Ladder+Me = T R O U B L E

2) I wish I could speak my mind to people when they are doing something I don't agree with. Instead I usually store it away, and stew over it until later, and then get angry, but never say anything.

3) I wish I could kick some sense into my Ex and make him realize that I am NOT the person he thinks I am. Namely I am NOT a Lesbian Whore.  Thank. You. Very. Much!

4) I wish I could show emotion. I seriously suck at expressing emotions. I may be a girl, and I may have a crapload of estrogen at my disposal, but I cannot bring myself to cry, even over most 'chick flicks'.

Finally: The WORST Job I've Ever Held:

1) Pea Viner Operator. I hate it, yet I keep going back. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm going back for a 3rd summer this year even after last years "Dead Body Incident" *shakes head at the memory*

Monday, June 9, 2008

100 Things: The Crushes Edition

In this edition of 100 Things, I'll cover my 10 biggest celebrity crushes. They are listed in no particular order. In the { } is the show in which I liked them

1) Kavan Smith {Stargate Atlantis}

2) David James Elliot {JAG}

3) Dylan Neal {JAG, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Blood Ties}

4) David Hewlett {Stargate Atlantis}

5) David Duchovny {X-Files}

6) Patrick Labyorteaux {JAG}

7) Michael Weatherly {NCIS}

8) David Boreanaz {Bones}

9) David Nykl {Stargate Atlantis}

10) Craig Veroni {Stargate Atlantis}

Sunday, June 8, 2008

100 Things: Jobs Edition

Okay in this edition of 100 things, I will be covering 10 different jobs I have held. Some of them I do currently hold. If you want to know more about a particular one, let me know, and I can probably tell you more.

1) Student- I was a student for K-12, and then did a 'degree' program(that was a total rip off), and will be becoming a student again in the fall.

2) Firefighter Halloween Bash Coordinator and/or Volunteer- I spent 2 years helping our local fire station throw their Halloween Bash. It is totally fun, to boss fire fighters around. Especially when you are half their age.

3) Goat Midwife- I have been delivering baby goats since I was 15.

4) Cat Kennel Technician- I volunteered cleaning cat cages for 3 and a half years until I got pregnant.

5) Cat Socializer- When I found out I was pregnant I went from being a Kennel Tech, to a socializer, who spent time sitting, and petting cats for 4 hours.

6) Feed Formulator- I spent 2 years monkeying around with feeds for the goats.

7) Barn Sweeper- I spent 4 years showing at fairs, where your job is to spend time sweeping barns.

8) Public Educator- During these 4 years of fairs I also spent 9 gazzilion hours answering such questions as: *Why doesn't that goat have ears? *Is that goat pregnant? *So where are their horns? and other such silly things.

9) Chauffeur- I've spent years driving goats around, here, there, everywhere. Also I'm Kenzie's main chauffeur, and will be from now until she gets her license.

10) Goat Farmer- I have been a goat farmer since I was 11 or so. I got my first goat the spring time of my 7th grade, and was supposed to have my first kids in the spring of 8th grade. Didn't happen that year was the next year instead.

Tune in tomorrow, for more exciting facts!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

100 things, P1


Since this is my 200th post, I wanted to do something special. Being unable to be original I thought I'd do a 100 things list. To make it more manageable, and readable, I will break it down into 10 sections of 10. If there's something you'd like to see me do a section about(be it the goats, my former life as a student/businesswoman/farmer or whatever) just let me know!

So without further ado here is part 1: Facts about me.

1) My first and middle names were given to me after friends of my mothers. I hate and despise my first name as no one can ever say it right, unless they are familar with Greek and Trojan Mythos.

2) On that same note, my first name is NOT contrary to popular belief spelled with a "C" I was the unfortunate lout who got saddled with a "K". I was never able to have personalized pencils, pens and other such trinkets in school.

3) I have worn glasses for almost 13 years now. I prefer glasses to contacts as it just freaks me out to stick my finger in my eyes.

4) I can understand at least 7 different 'ologies'- Endocrinology, Opthamology, Cardiology, Urology, Audiology, Hematology, and now the basic Neurology

5) I grew up across the street from my Elementary school, until we moved before the start of 7th grade. I hated it as our house was a horrid color(puke green).

6) I have always loved animals, this started very very young, as my grandparents babysat me everyday until I was 3 and we were frequent visitors at the zoo.

7) I still have my baby blanket. I cannot travel without it. Even if it just stays in the bag it HAS to go with me on long trips.

8) I may be a bit obsessive about a lot of things, cleaning is NOT one of them. My room looks like I have a tornado living in here.

9) I sleep in a queen size bed, but I can ONLY sleep in half of it. I cannot sleep near the wall, it freaks me the crap out. So I pile all my pillows and such on that side.

10) I MUST have my Boppy to sleep, I became addicted to sleeping with it while we were breastfeeding, and have yet to give it up. It works way better than a regular pillow anyway.