Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Which I reveal all

So the past week has been very long and trying for me, as a parent and as a person. Kenzie has been undergoing speech therapy since the middle of February having been diagnosed at the end of January, with a 'speech delay'.

We've gone in weekly for her appointments, been doing all the 'homework' that was required, and making some progress. Alas, that has not been enough apparently. We now have to go down sometime next month, and see a Neurologist, and have an MRI preformed at Children's Hospital.

I'll back up a minute and explain. See back in late March/early April Kenzie went into see our pediatrician, about some unrelated thing.  While we were there, we discussed her speech therapy, and the physical therapy, and the newest thing we had noticed which was a 'slight' tremor to her muscles. The pediatrician was concerned but not overly so, suggesting that we watch it, and re-convene in July, to re-check, and discuss at that point possibly having a Neurology consult done. She also at that time expressed interest in having a Occupational Therapy assessment done when we got the chance.

Fast forward now to last week. Wednesday we were at speech therapy, and I asked the therapist about the OT referral we had received as here it was a full month and a half later, and it still hadn't happened. This conversation turned into discussion of the Neuro consult possibility before we left. 

Skip to the next day around noon. My phone rings, and I glance at the display, and see that it is the pediatrician's office calling us. I pick up to the very lovely voice of our AWESOME nurse whom I love. She was calling to inform me that they were going ahead with the consult referral, and just wanted to give me a heads up so that when the Neurologist's office called me I wasn't totally shocked(You mean like I am right now?!).

Now skip to today. We arrived for ST, and PT, at our usual time, went and did our thing. While we were there I casually brought up my conversation with the Ped's nurse last week. I was curious if they had, had a 'discussion'* with the Pedi at some point the prior week, thus bringing about the phone call. They both answered in the negative that they had NOT had a discussion with the Ped; BUT they both felt very strongly that we should proceed with the consult as she is not making 'marked' progress and is still occasionally exhibiting signs of a slight tremor.

So as it stands right now, at our PT, ST, and Pediatrician's recommendation we are going in July at some point(date TBD) to see a neurologist, and have an MRI preformed. Looking for what? Nobody quite knows(this is the answer I continually get), so its basically a crap shoot as to wether or not we 'find' anything. I will keep you updated.

* Our Pediatrician and our speech therapist/physical therapist all share a building and a lunch room, all have freely admitted to having 'discussions' about Kenzie over lunch. Which honestly freaks me out a little, because seriously, don't y'all have something better to talk about like say the weather?


David said...

Best to think positive at this point. MRI's are good to have done to check at any rate. God knows I have had enough of them.
Sending out good thoughts for you guys and strong positive widhes.

Tranny Head said...

The good news it that an MRI is a completely painless procedure. Too bad you have to wait until July! Not having answers to things is so hard.

Hang in there! And you're doing a good job with her!