Saturday, June 7, 2008

100 things, P1


Since this is my 200th post, I wanted to do something special. Being unable to be original I thought I'd do a 100 things list. To make it more manageable, and readable, I will break it down into 10 sections of 10. If there's something you'd like to see me do a section about(be it the goats, my former life as a student/businesswoman/farmer or whatever) just let me know!

So without further ado here is part 1: Facts about me.

1) My first and middle names were given to me after friends of my mothers. I hate and despise my first name as no one can ever say it right, unless they are familar with Greek and Trojan Mythos.

2) On that same note, my first name is NOT contrary to popular belief spelled with a "C" I was the unfortunate lout who got saddled with a "K". I was never able to have personalized pencils, pens and other such trinkets in school.

3) I have worn glasses for almost 13 years now. I prefer glasses to contacts as it just freaks me out to stick my finger in my eyes.

4) I can understand at least 7 different 'ologies'- Endocrinology, Opthamology, Cardiology, Urology, Audiology, Hematology, and now the basic Neurology

5) I grew up across the street from my Elementary school, until we moved before the start of 7th grade. I hated it as our house was a horrid color(puke green).

6) I have always loved animals, this started very very young, as my grandparents babysat me everyday until I was 3 and we were frequent visitors at the zoo.

7) I still have my baby blanket. I cannot travel without it. Even if it just stays in the bag it HAS to go with me on long trips.

8) I may be a bit obsessive about a lot of things, cleaning is NOT one of them. My room looks like I have a tornado living in here.

9) I sleep in a queen size bed, but I can ONLY sleep in half of it. I cannot sleep near the wall, it freaks me the crap out. So I pile all my pillows and such on that side.

10) I MUST have my Boppy to sleep, I became addicted to sleeping with it while we were breastfeeding, and have yet to give it up. It works way better than a regular pillow anyway.


lysambre said...

*studies facts* hum... interesting.... let's see.... *concentrates*... ha ! there !

Getting to know you even better ! :D

David said...

It speaks volumes about our lives when we know so many "ologies"

Tranny Head said...

I've never thought to sleep with a boppy. Good idea!