Friday, June 13, 2008

100 Things: The Travel Post

So, at request of my readers, I'm doing this edition of 100 things about countries I have been too(not many) and countries I'd love to go to(a lot).

9 countries I'd Like to visit and 1 I have.

9 Places to Visit

1) The UK- I think that the UK is so steeped in history that it would be an amazing place to visit.

2) Australia- I have always had a thing for kangaroos, and wallabies, and would love to see Sydney(the Opera house, the bridge). Melbourne, and NSW also intrigue me.

3) Ukraine- I realize this isn't technically a 'country' but its one of the regions from which my lineage hails.

4) Sweden- Another history rich land I'd love to visit, plus it goes along with my next country.

5) Norway- I live in a small town where our idea of cultural diversity is this- Your either Svedish, or Norveigan. Beyond that? You don't belong here.

6) The Bahamas- A nice tropical Isle, where one can laze in the sand ;)

7) Italy- I've heard lots of good things, about Italy that have made me want to visit there.

8) Greece- I'd love to see the calderas, and some of the again history steeped lands.

9) Scotland- Another country from which my fine screwy lineage hails from.

and last but not least the 1 country I HAVE been to:

10) Canada- I have traveled extensively in British Columbia, though I'd love to see Alberta as that is where my grandmother was born(Lethbridge). I'm fairly intrigued by Quebec, and Newfoundland, though I think the most intriguing to me is Manitoba. I have had the privilege of visiting Victoria, and have spent a fair amount of time now roaming Vancouver, but I'd love to see Tsawwassen, and Ladner.


barcardi said...

Great list. I have been very lucky and travelled far and wide. Canada is an all time favourite and I would love to go back to some of the former eastern block countries.

Scotland is beautiful, but then I am a bit baised :)

welshnikki said...

Thanks for sharing these with us.
This is making me feel like doing a little travelling of my own!

David said...

I have been to all provinces in Canada, and Nova Scotia is my favorite by far.