Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anybody happen to have a can of Gremlin out handy?

I have recently come to the conclusion I either need to stop pissing off higher powers, OR buy some stock in "Gremlin Out".

In the last several weeks/months, nothing has really gone my way, from Kenzie's pediatrician leaving, to my car accident, to the summer job. Now add my car gremlin to the lengthy list, and you have my current issue.

So as you may remember about 2 months ago I had some car problems that resulted in my car needing its radiator replaced. Okay, fine, I replaced it. Now fast forward to yesterday. I get in my car to drive to town, and I got about 2 miles down the road when I noticed a blinking light on the dashboard of doom. I glance down and mutter softly under my breath because its THAT light, the 'check radiator' light. Okay no big deal, I'll check it later since you can't while it's hot. So I go to town, and go home, and leave the car to sit for the rest of the day, forgetting about the 'check radiator' light. That is until last evening when I got in and headed back to town to go to the library to get some work done. I got to again about 2 miles from home and again the light comes on. Okay, this is getting suspiscious. *makes mental note* Got to the library was there for about 2 hours working, and then they closed I head out and got in my car and headed home, and again the light comes on.

Okay so its 9pm and I can't call the mechanic's shop NOW, because they just aren't there. So this morning after getting up bright and early to do chores and other assorted sundry tasks around the farm, I get on the phone to our family mechanic. I explain the problem, and remind him that just 2 months ago he replaced the whole darn thing so I'm not too happy at this point. He says he can squeeze it in at 1 o'clock.  Okay that works.

So I drove up, and dropped the car off, the light blinking intermittently at me the whole drive up. While there I got a lecture on the dangers of not changing your oil(apparently I was about 4,000 miles overdue) and then was sent home to await the car's fate.

10 minutes ago the phone rings and who is it on the phone? The mechanics, they had located the source of my 'check radiator' light, apparently my WATER PUMP is leaking. One of the only 2 parts they did NOT replace when they replaced the radiator. *sighs* So now I am face with a choice- do I bring the car home, have it sit here, and not drive it for several weeks until I can get the money together to pay for it to be repaired, or do I have them repair it now and pay it as I get the money over the next couple weeks with the summer job.

I'd like to buy some of that stock now ;)


Tranny Head said...

Get it repaired now and pay for it as you go. You need to call those "Car Talk" guys on NPR! It sounds like you drive a lemon.

Anonymous said...


Send me an email with your address and I'll bless you with a check to fix your car!

God Bless you


welshnikki said...

Hi Kassandra, sorry to hear about the car. If you need the car, and the garage takes installments I would go with that?

I can remember life before credit cards so I know what you're going through!