Wednesday, June 11, 2008

100 Things: The Food Edition

In today's edition of 100 things I will be covering my perverse food habits. In the past you may remember I have covered: Me, My Jobs, My Crushes, and Random Divided crap.

10 things about Food

1) I love bananas, BUT I cannot stand the smell of them or the way they feel when you peel them. It seriously makes me shudder, and I MUST eat bananas with a paper towel or something if they are completely peeled.

2) Chinese Food is my favorite food group. I could eat Chinese food every single day. Just give me a hot guy, some good chinese and some bad beer, and you got my idea of heaven.

3) If I cant have Chinese food, I will readily go for Mexican instead. Though only burritos. None of that fancy schmancy fajita crap for me. Beans, Rice, Meat. That is all.

4) I am a cheese freak. Give me a good cheese and I can describe it to you using about 3-5 different words such as 'overtones', 'floral notes', 'cave aged', 'aftertaste'. Tasting cheese is a very very fine art. Just ask my cheese guy.

5) I will never ever ever look at milk the same way ever again. I spent 2 years in high school on the Dairy Foods Team for FFA. Where they teach you how to identify, and 'score' all the off flavors in milk. Totally ruins a nice cold glass when you get a slight metallic and feed undertone to it.

6) On the same note I will never ever look at PEAS the same way again. If y'all knew what I did from 2 summers of harvesting them you wouldn't eat them either. Then again it goes for most low growth harvested foods.

7) I have eaten animals that I raised and butchered myself. That was the best f*cking turkey EVER. Melt in your mouth delicious. Though that may of had something to do with the fact that the besterd wasn't chasing me around anymore.

8) I can look at a cow, pig, chicken or whatever, and pick out the best cuts of meat on the hoof(or foot, or claw or whatever). Personally I prefer picking my meat while still on the hoof.

9) While I love pickles, and olives unlike some people in this household I cannot even stomach the juice that goes with said items. My sister drinks pickle juice, AND olive juice straight *shudders* there is NO way we were gestated in the same uterus no way.

10) I love cereal for breakfast. I will only eat cereal(hot or cold) for breakfast. Though in order to eat it, it must all get completely dunked, not once but twice before I will eat ANY of it, though it must NOT be soggy, just damp.


lysambre said...

The food edition, nice category of 10 things :)

If you like cheese, France is the way to go ! ahahah (I can't eat most cheese myself, I'm such a bad French).

And isn't pickle juice just vinegar ? I don't eat the thing so I'm not quite sure but I thought it was.

Only 50 more things to go ;)

Tranny Head said...

I LOVE pickles but hate olives. Also, I love Chinese food - but love Tex/Mex even more! And milk with an undertone of feed? Ewww.

And I love that you aren't squeamish about butchery. I respect it. Though I can't say I have ever consumed an animal I hacked apart, I have consumed many a fish an crab that I've caught and hacked apart myself. Yum!

Stargate_Addict said...
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David said...

I'm with your sister...I love olive and pickle juice and have no problem chugging down a cup of either.