Sunday, June 22, 2008

More things I have learned recently

In an effort to better myself I have been approaching new tasks, and tackling them. Most I have not had a chance to photograph, but there have been a few I did.

Some things I have learned recently:

* How to turn off the water to a sink, and remove the trap in effort to locate a lost item.

* How to almost kill myself in one fell swoop. Just breathe cotton balls.

* How to explain the scar on my arm in new and more humorous ways(I tried to pay for gas but apparently they only accept LEFT arms).

and last but not least:

* How to install a new toilet seat!

6-20-08 004

6-20-08 001


Tranny Head said...

Heh - ever since my husband left for active duty in Iraq I had to learn to install/put crap together/etc. Isn't amazing how being a single parent makes you a jack of all trades? Plumber, carpenter, battery replacer . . . MORE battery replacer . . . and yet MORE battery replacer . . .

welshnikki said...

Just a few more of the things you have to do when you're a single mum. LOL.

Appart from the cotton ball thing. really really don't try that again.