Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Fellow Library Patrons

First off sorry I have been MIA this week. I have been suffering from a severe bout of "The death" that was kindly shared with me by sweet darling little kenzie, and also a bit of writers block. I promise that the Gay Feline Chronicles ARE coming.

Now onto today's post. I have the rather unfortunate habit of getting a wee bit distracted while working at home. So since I had to do some major downloading this evening I decided to pack up the laptop and head into the library and work, use the free wi-fi.

Upon arriving I realized that it must be "Crowd the Library Day" because I had to park over in the middle school's parking lot and fracking walk to the library(this is a lot I wouldn't normally park in, even in BROAD daylight). No big deal I can deal with that.

I got into the library and surveyed the setting that was laid out before me. To my right are the 'prime tables' with the FAST internet, and the good lights, and everything a computer junky could want. Unfortunantely one of the tables was completely full, and the other held a surly looking girl about my sisters age. Now normally that wouldn't be a problem but since I intended to pretend I was 'working' I didn't want to sit with PEOPLE. So I moved off to the left hand side of the library in search of a tableau at which I could find some peace.

Alas I could not find that peace. I picked the nice empty table, with a free plug in, sat down, got comfortable and thats when it all started going downhill.

Apparently the seat in which my bum currently resides is directly in the path of the very noisy, and archaic A/c? system that randomly turns on makes bug zapper noises and turns off. Secondly to my right there was a small group of 'older' people with their newspapers. Fine. I can deal with that. Right up until they started trying to engage me in their discussion of current events, and the news. Um, Hello, see the laptop? Yeah W O R K I N G. Thanks!

They left after awhile and were replaced by a rather interesting looking fellow who was for the most part the perfect library companion. He was quiet, and didn't bother me, and had a smoking hot laptop that I could drool over(what can I say I'm a geek).  Plus at the end of my library session he provided rather interesting discourse as he turned out to also be a SG fan.

So please if your going to sit next to me in the library either leave me alone, or at least be a geek that I can relate to.

Thank you,



Tranny Head said...

Did you get his number?! :-)

welshnikki said...

Hope you're feeling a lot better.
Are you likely to see SG fan again?