Monday, June 16, 2008

100 Things- The Final Edition

So today my 100 things comes to an end(stop applauding, you know you liked it!). In the past 9 editions I have covered many many topics: Entertainment, Parties, Travel, Countries *waves* Hi Europe!, Food, Random stuff, Crushes, Jobs, and ME!

So since I am at a loss for a topic I can do 10 things over its going to be again Random day!

10 Random Things:

1) I have recently discovered a few different kinds of Jell-O shots. My favorite recipe is for the Caffeinated Jell-O shots. Please share your favorite Jell-O shot recipe!

2) Apparently my muse works really hard when it wants to. Not always on the 'correct' project. For instance I am supposed to be writing a Squirrel Fic. My muse would much rather play with Photoshop, and make Profiles, and wall papers.

3) My sciatic nerve has been acting up again. It has been almost 3 years since my last attack of sciatic. I have no idea why this is happening NOW or what caused this bout. I know what started it though.

4) In a search through my boxes of crap stuff, I recently found my high school diploma.

5) I am a pack rat. I have stuff that I don't remember acquiring. Anyone need some Beta Gravel?

6) The only kind of ice cream I will ever eat again is Tillamook Ice Cream. It is like heaven in a quart.

7) I have a 4 inch scar on my upper right arm. It is NOT from some horrid accident, so stop saying that! It is from a cat, shut up, I know that is a crappy story but its the truth.

8) When writing stories, and especially poetry, I MUST write them on paper before I put them on the laptop. I will edit the crap out of them on the laptop, then they get filed away into 'the book' where I keep all my poetry.

9) I have 3 "Rodeo style" belt buckles. I only know where 1 of them currently is. I worked my butt off for those things.

10) There is no way that my sister and I shared the same uterus, even if we were born 7 years apart. I am too much a geeky-tomboy, and she too much a preppy-athletic-popular-girly girl to have shared the same growing environment.


So with that concludes our visit into the 100 things list. Tune in tomorrow for the Gay Feline Chronicles.


David said...

wow interesting sister

welshnikki said...

Great 100 things series Kassandra.
Thanks for sharing.

I liked your artwork stuff.