Tuesday, June 10, 2008

About the "Dead Body Incident"

Okay since I have had a couple of you ask about the "Dead Body Incident" I figured I'd post the story here.

**Disclaimer- Names have been changed to protect the innocent(and the not so innocent)**


**Thirdly- at the time I nearly got fired over this as I was being a 'liability'**

A little history- I worked the last two summers for a company running pea harvesters. I work nights, and they are long and boring.  Therefore lots, and lots of strange things happen.


So we had been off work for several nights when we finally got the call that we'd be running again. So went out to the fields our 'day' crew was in to finish them up before moving onto the new field. 

We got all done, and somehow I ended up in front machine, which like NEVER happened, ever. So we get to our new field and its dark, and I'm driving along opening the field(driving along the edge harvesting) and procedure calls for someone to be walking in front of me which our foreman is doing. Well suddenly he stops me has me shut down my machine, and just QUIT, and runs off. I'm sitting, and sitting, and sitting and my phone rings and its the ex, I'm bored so I answer, you know cause its like 11pm, and there is nothing better to do. So finally after like FOREVER of sitting there I got annoyed(because seriously it was boring.) so I clicked 'mute' on my phone so I could get on the radio and ask the 'boys'(i was one of 2 girls on night shift, and the ONLY girl that night working), what was going on.

Apparently my 'mute' didn't work, so I asked the boys, and one of them came back with, "OH yeah, there's like a dead body in our field, means we're going to have to go home early I guess", so not believing them(and still thinking that the phone was on mute), I was all 'oh yeah sure, guess, that Sucks!' and hearing the sarcasm in my voice the kid was all 'well i saw Joe* go running by and he told me! so its got to be true' I was all whatever, and went back to my phone conversation, not realizing the ex had heard the WHOLE exchange.

So he is suddenly all 'did i hear something about a dead body?', and I was all (jokingly of course) 'oh yeah, the guys said that Joe said that bestard** found a body' next thing I know, idiot is hanging up on me and then there's like a GAZZILLION guys from the company showing up in OUR field. well turns out idiot went and asked our mechanic guy, who asked our other mechanic guy who was bored, who decided to drive out and call the shop boss, and thus get ME in trouble.

So I totally got MY ass chewed out by foreman, and then the helper, came up and I was all 'so i guess i'm in shit aye?' and he was all 'nah he thought it was funny' whatever!

Turns out the whole reason everyone was running around like crazy we were supposed to 'spot cut'(only cut portions) of this field and the foreman thought that we'd missed the cut off.


Hope this settles everyone's curiosity about the "Dead body Incident"! Leave any further questions in the comments section, and I'll answer them!

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welshnikki said...

The moral of the story is don't let your ex phone you at work LOL.