Saturday, June 14, 2008

100 Things: The Party Edition

Okay in the past 6 posts I've covered a wide range of topics: Travel, Countries, Food, Random, Crushes, Jobs, and Me.

Today's Entry will cover a Party of Topics. The 2 'best' parties I've been to, and the 2 'worst'. Also I'll cover 6 more Random facts.

2 Best Parties:

1) When I was 15 I went on a cruise for my birthday. They were awesome enough to throw a small 'party' for my birthday. This was the last time I celebrated my birthday.

2) Last weekend. Girls Night Out. My two best friends from High School, and I went out 'drinking'(there was NO alcohol involved), had dinner, and went to the mall and wandered around a while.

2 Worst Parties:

1) My 'sweet 16' party. Seriously all I got was a cupcake, and a balloon. Oh and that was also the year I met my ex. The day AFTER my birthday.

2) My graduation party. No one apparently felt the need to celebrate me graduating High School, so there was NO party. I did invite people, and 1 person showed up. My family didn't even bother to attend. Oh and at the time I was recovering from my dislocated shoulder so the only picture I have is this one:

Grad pres_edited

6 Random Facts:

1) I used to know the entire Military Phonetic Alphabet. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to.

2) Before I had Kenzie my 'life plan' involved joining the ARMY, going to vet college, and then going to live in DC and working with the Caisson Horses. They are the ones who pull the flag draped coffins of military heroes.

3) I have visited all the states WEST of the Continental Divide: Oregon, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, and Alaska. I live in Washington so it doesn't 'count' in the state bingo. This means I only have 37 states left to visit.

4) Someday I'd like to visit all the states EAST of the Continental Divide. Including the weird little Eastern Seaboard ones like New Jersey.

5) No matter the season I only sleep with one blanket over me. Otherwise I get too hot. I have 1 sheet, 2 blankets, and 3 quilts on my bed under me but only 1 blanket is actually on TOP of me. On this same note I sleep with no less than 7 pillows(including the Boppy), a stuffy Snowman, and my baby blanket.

6) I may be an 'adult' but I name my stuffies. My current stuffy is called "Peter", past stuffies have included "Billy Joe", and "Jim Bob"(they went together), and "Fuzzy". I have also named such items as sweatshirts. Mostly my $44 sweatshirt which is named "Pishkah".


David said...

Some of your parties made me sad. I had so many "not so great" parties that this post brought them back to memory life.

welshnikki said...

Sorry to hear about your worst partys. If you like we could organise a party online for your next birthday. Complete with blue jello shots of course. And I will invite "the major" and his friend lol.

Jayne will probably start a nut throwing fight.

Does kimberly have it on her list?