Sunday, June 8, 2008

100 Things: Jobs Edition

Okay in this edition of 100 things, I will be covering 10 different jobs I have held. Some of them I do currently hold. If you want to know more about a particular one, let me know, and I can probably tell you more.

1) Student- I was a student for K-12, and then did a 'degree' program(that was a total rip off), and will be becoming a student again in the fall.

2) Firefighter Halloween Bash Coordinator and/or Volunteer- I spent 2 years helping our local fire station throw their Halloween Bash. It is totally fun, to boss fire fighters around. Especially when you are half their age.

3) Goat Midwife- I have been delivering baby goats since I was 15.

4) Cat Kennel Technician- I volunteered cleaning cat cages for 3 and a half years until I got pregnant.

5) Cat Socializer- When I found out I was pregnant I went from being a Kennel Tech, to a socializer, who spent time sitting, and petting cats for 4 hours.

6) Feed Formulator- I spent 2 years monkeying around with feeds for the goats.

7) Barn Sweeper- I spent 4 years showing at fairs, where your job is to spend time sweeping barns.

8) Public Educator- During these 4 years of fairs I also spent 9 gazzilion hours answering such questions as: *Why doesn't that goat have ears? *Is that goat pregnant? *So where are their horns? and other such silly things.

9) Chauffeur- I've spent years driving goats around, here, there, everywhere. Also I'm Kenzie's main chauffeur, and will be from now until she gets her license.

10) Goat Farmer- I have been a goat farmer since I was 11 or so. I got my first goat the spring time of my 7th grade, and was supposed to have my first kids in the spring of 8th grade. Didn't happen that year was the next year instead.

Tune in tomorrow, for more exciting facts!

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Tranny Head said...

I'd be the idiot at the fair asking you stupid questions. Though I wouldn't ask the question about the horns, I probably would ask the ear question and the pregnant question.