Saturday, June 30, 2007

Caution: Tears to ensue

Okay so today I paid a visit to my friendly neighborhood fireworks stand in preperation for our annual family fireworks festivities. I purchased my share that should more than make the boys cry uncle and crown me supreme queen of the fireworks once again. I have shown off my 'small stuff' so that they will think they are winning and have secreted away several surprises in a place that shall not be named.

I currently posses: several smoke bombs, parachutes, snappers, chickens, and possibly a panda or a bee. Also in my arsenal are a New York New York, a Seattle, A unicorn, a Gold and silver sparkles, a peach tree, a 300 shot saturn battery, and other assorted small cake fountains.

In my secret arsenal I have several LARGE fireworks sure to make them cry and a couple large cake fountains.

Two years ago(the last time i was allowed to compete i was banned from last years competition for unsportsman like behavior apparently victory dances aren't appreciated by the losers) I walloped their behinds with such wonderosities as a 750 shot saturn battery(boy was that a pain to clean up), a giant 16 shot Golden Willow and numerous small fireworks. I am now counting down the days to the 4th and hoping against all hope that my uncle decides that it is OK to come out this year as we have had no response on his part as to wether he and my aunt and cousin shall be attending hopefully sans bottle rockets and dog.

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