Tuesday, August 7, 2007

News from muah!

Okay so a lot has been going on since my last blog post on here(okay honestly i kind of forgot i had a blog).

1) I got a job(its temporary and boring and will be mentioned again)
2) I wish to kick my immediate supervisors *#! @ said job several times a night
3) Last night I almost slipped up and mentioned to said 'boss' the fact i want to kick his @#$
4) When asked whose butt i wished to kick at company i replied the always witty and inventive 'oh just people' I mean really now who DOES that fool?
5) I got new glasses and prescription sunglasses after like 13 years of wearing them and promptly(okay yesterday) lost said sunglasses and am now super duper sad
6) I've apparently become a girly girl, at least part of the time now, I redesigned wendell's interior with a flower steering wheel cover, seat covers with ladybugs, a flower seatbelt cover and a Tinkerbell window shade.
7) I now have a great selection of makeup and hair ties now.
8) Trying to locate an apartment anybody know a good one in washington?

Okay thats all for now i'll write more later today.

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