Friday, June 22, 2007

Elizabeth Weir before she was herself

So I am sitting here watching Stargate SG-1 "The Lost City" episode because I know that is when we are introduced to Elizabeth, so I was quite excited by this fact since she is my favorite female character on SGA. So I sit down to watch and VOILA! it is NOT! Elizabeth which is in the same boat as Crazy! Ford, or Bug! Sheppard or the list goes on. So who was this Elizabeth? I don't really know I don't even know her name does anyone know her name? I mean McKay was McKay from the start why not elizabeth i mean it changed when? from the scary blonde ditz to the smart, funny, sweet, caring, well rounded brunette with plenty of new angles. I mean its this this BLONDE in "The Lost City 1 & 2" then it becomes Torri in "The New Order 1 & 2" I like Torri soooo much better than Jessica Steen.

I mean dont get me wrong JS is great in her OTHER role on NCIS as Special Agent Paula Cassidy. She is much better suited for that than she is for Elizabeth.

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