Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My first SGA love

For those of you who know me you know that I am a HUGE fan of SGA(stargate atlantis) and you also know that my favorite s2/3 and beyond character is Dr. Rodney Mckay(though I let Tiffany 'own' him most of the time). However my first love on SGA wasn't John, or Radek, or Ford, or Carson, or Rodney. NO WAY! My first(and continuing best) love on SGA was Craig Veroni as Dr. Peter Grodin. He is so freaking adorable in that role I absolutely love him! He may have been in only 10 episodes but it was enough to secure him a place in my heart that is special. I loved Rising part 1 and 2, Hide and Seek, 38 minutes, Childhood's end, Underground, Hot Zone, Sanctuary, and Before I Sleep, they were great wonderful sweet episodes. He also appeared in the SG-1 episode "Grace" as the Weapons Officer(to the right of the captain in the front of the ship). He also appeared in "The Seige part 1" but as much screen time as he got in that episode I do not like it because of how it ends. If you don't know in the end Peter ends up dying which was enough to make my fangirl heart very very sad. It has suddenly become an issue with me because of the fact that a lot of different people have been making the comment that "Nobody really dies in Sci Fi" I mean come on can anybody say DOUBLE STANDARD? Carson can come back what then that really opens a lot of doors that probably shouldn't be opened. I mean dont get me wrong, I was saddened by Carson's death, but when he comes back it will mean that it was just a big blip on the radar.

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