Thursday, September 20, 2007

my sick rant

I'll start this blog off with a 'get well soon' shout out to Quenderra, and Fraggle.

I will then move on to the fact that I am sick with what I am pretty sure is the most killer head cold i've had in months. My sinuses are clogged, my throat is scratchy and dry, head is pounding to the point I can't see straight, and my ears are ringing constantly.

The condition wasn't helped any when on Tuesday I was in a MINOR fender bender. I accidently backed into a person's tail light. I offered to pay restitution on the spot(as shucks was across the street) and at first the person agreed, then he went and called his boss who promptly decided that the insurance should become involved(over a tail light mind you). So now there is an investigation into fault and such since the vehicle was NOT parked in a marked spot in the tiny lot(think two cars bumper to bumper touch both sides of the parking lot). I have been very calm about all this though it will likely raise my insurance rates, which will be fun considering I am already streching pennies to get my insurance paid.

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