Friday, December 7, 2007

My recently read list

I feel the need today to sit down and type out a list of some of my recently read books. These are listed in no particular order whatsoever. These are just the books I have read since September 1st of this year.

  1. The Merck Veterinary Manual
  2. Free Stuff for baby: how to save hundreds of dollars
  3. A Few Good Eggs: two chicks dish on overcoming infertility
  4. The single parent resource: an a to z guide
  5. The secret lives of toddlers
  6. Blood Price (bk1)
  7. Blood Trail (bk2)
  8. Blood Lines (bk3)
  9. Blood Pact (bk4)
  10. Blood Debt (bk5)
  11. Blood Bank (short stories)
  12. Death Du Jour
  13. Monday Mourning
  14. Break No Bones
  15. White Night: a novel of the dresden files
  16. Dead Beat: a Novel of the dresden files
  17. Fatal Voyage
  18. Cross Bones
  19. Bare Bones
  20. Deadly Decisions
  21. The Princess Bride
  22. The Deserter's tale: the story of an ordinary solider
  23. Seven spiders spinning
  24. Five Alien Elves
  25. Six haunted hairdos
  26. The Good Liar
  27. Ruled Britannia
  28. My Detachment: a memoir
  29. One Final Firecracker
  30. Three rotten eggs
  31. Going Postal a novel of discworld
  32. Son of a witch: a novel
  33. The Time Travler's wife
  34. Sex and shopping a wicked words short story collection
  35. The Manual a bad boy explains how men think
  36. White Fang
  37. Call of the Wild
  38. Jane Eyre
  39. Little Women
  40. Tale of Two Cities
  41. Leaping Beauty: and other animal fairy tales
  42. Four Stupid Cupids
  43. A couple of April Fools
  44. You're Wearing that? understanding mothers and daughters in coversation
  45. Making Money
  46. Smoke and Mirrors
  47. Smoke and Ashes
  48. Smoke and Shadows
I will continue to add to this list as time goes on until the end of the year(Dec. 31) and than I will start a new list for next years books as I am curious as to how many books i go through in a year.

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