Monday, December 24, 2007

the two year plan

So today I had to haul MC into the pediatricians office for the wierd rash she's been suffering for a while. Well lately everyone has been asking me what I like to refer to as the 'million dollar question'- "So when are you having another baby?'

Hold on a sec and let me back up....
Now I KNOW I've been gaining weight recently and what not but more so in the last few months(i suspect my thyroid is out of whack again). This point was driven home today when while at the pediatrician's office and we were chatting as we always do(i LOVE her to death she is AMAZING and like part of the family) so she made some comment about how i was 'looking healthy' which at first i dismissed as no big deal, next thing i hear is the dreaded question of 'so any reason for that?'. Gee, how wonderful that makes you feel when your PEDIATRICIAN notices how much weight you've gained and assumes that your on what i like to refer to as the 'two year plan' where when your toddler hits age 2 you have a 'new' baby.

Mind you this isn't usually a big deal I can blow it off as a societal norm or expectation to 'fit in' but seriously why is it that everyone expects me as a young, mother to have another baby right now? Is it because the one I have is now somehow 'defective' or 'broken' or 'overused'? I am very happy with the single child I have at the moment and as I am not in a place to have another one I will wait until I'm in a 'better place' to 'replace' her with a new baby. oh, and it might be nice if i have a guy of some sort in my life next time around.

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