Saturday, February 9, 2008

A blog about my secret life

Now as many of my readers may or may not know, I am somewhat of a TV nut. I will watch anything that catches my eye(or at least DVR it in hopes of watching it later) and if I find an actor/actress that I particularly like I have the tendency to track down their whole body of work. I go through 'phases' of who I like, what I like and what I follow closely.

Recently I discovered another side to my persona, it is that of a Sci Fi Geek/Nerd. I'm quite proud of this side of myself as I have discovered it has made me much more comfortable in my own skin and allowed me to relax into relationships that I'd never of imagined before. This side of my persona has also led me to the discovery of some wonderful preformers that I may never of even found otherwise. I am constantly amazed by the depth and breadth of some of these people's skills.

Take David Hewlett for example- he is not only an amazing actor on Stargate Atlantis, but he has also written, directed, and starred in his own independent production- A Dog's Breakfast. Everything I have seen him in has amazed me. I am still tracking down pieces of his work(Cube, Nothing) but have been very impressed by everything I have thus far seen. He has done work in tv and movies both. I actually discovered this year that one of my favorite christmas movies that I have partook in for years he was in- On the 2nd Day of Christmas. I find that even when he is playing a 'bad guy' it is nearly impossible not to be blown away by his talent.

Another wonderful actor I have absolutely fallen head over heels for is Dylan Neal, I 'met' him years ago and never noticed him. I have just begun tracking down his work, but have been absolutely blown away by his preformance in Blood Ties. He recently guest starred in Stargate Atlantis, and I was so shocked(I try to avoid spoilers like the plague) that I think I got a wee bit of whiplash when I heard his voice. I could go on, and on about my crush on him but I'll spare you for the moment.

Also from Blood Ties I found Kyle Schmid who has also suddenly seemed to crop up in a lot of movies and shows that I watch. Maybe its just because I am more tuned to notice him now, I'm not sure the reason but I have come to be able to identify him even from behind. He has been in a lot of 'Kids' movies- The Pacifier, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Cheetah Girls, Sex and the Single Mom, the list goes on forever.

Though I must say that my absolute favorite 'new' actress is hands down Christina Cox. She is an actress that truely amazes me. I am as I have freely admitted a giant tomboy. Christina, is an actress who through her preformances can actually get little old me to show some emotion on the surface. I sat watching her latest movie Making Mr. Right, I found myself laughing, than smiling, even to the point of tears towards the end. I can't even begin to count how many times in watching her on Blood Ties her preformance elicited such a strong emotional pull that I actually found myself wiping away tears, be they from laughter, or just the belivability of the pain she portrayed. Even as I sit here typing this entry out just thinking about some of the stuff I have seen her in is making me smile.

So hats off to all of you wonderful actors, and actresses who go out in the limelight to portray our favorite charaters.

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