Monday, February 11, 2008

Just a smattering of Pics

So I got a little shutter happy today and captured some adorable pics of my crazy nut! I'm saving some back for weekly winners ;)

I'm Queen of the world!


WOW! its so green!

She is K-Razy!


Quenderra said...

Aw...! Cute! *hugs the wee child* I'll have to borrow her from ya sometime!

*claims cyber-aunthood*

Fran said...

Ahhhh she is sooooooo cute. What a cutie pie. Can I borrow her.

Anonymous said...

lovely pics! She's soo cute! GIve her a big hug from me! :o)

Krista said...

Wow, you little girl looks just like me in my baby pics. Are we long lost relatives or something? Seriously spooky! ;0
just "hoppin'" and came across your blog for the first time so I don't know what all the medical visits are for, but I hope they turn out fine!
Hot Mama

Kids Halloween Crafts said...

She is so super cute. And looks like she is hamming it up in front of the camera!

dextro said...

AH..children are always looks so cute and charming........
You're one of the lucky parent,honestly