Friday, February 8, 2008

Frump Fighting


So I will freely admit that I am a TOMBOY. Pure, and simple tomboy. I love playing in the dirt, working with my hands and mucking around in horrid looking ensembles. Fussy would kill me. Seriously. I break most every fashion rule out there BUT! on the bright side I hardly ever leave the property looking like that(only when its kidding season and i'm subsisting on caffine and no sleep then and only than is it even remotely approved).

One thing I hardly ever do is buy new shoes. I recently decided that I was tired of wearing my ratty old tennis shoes everywhere and would LOVE to purchase a pair of stylish yet simple ballet flats(as I am very gravitationally challenged). I kept browsing and browsing and trying on shoes, and couldn't find a single pair that I liked that also fit(heck i even had my feet measured apparently i've been buying the wrong size for a while). I was walking around in my newest pair of rejects when something on the bottom shelf caught my eye. I walked over for a closer look and pulled out a pair of GOREGOUS chocolate brown boots. They were pretty dressy for my 'usual' look- a pair of jeans and a t-shirt BUT they were also just dressy enough to wear with a nice skirt if need be(i do NOT do skirts). I decided on a whim that I should try them on just you know because I could. I had glanced at the price tag and decided they were 'out of my price range'(i hate spending a ton on shoes) but figured it wouldn't hurt to at least try them on.

So I slipped the goregous boots on and zipped them up, and lo and behold they zipped! I stood up and I swear I have never met a more perfect pair of boots than these. They fit like a dream, they make my legs look awesome(my butt too!) and they are casual enough I can wear them as an 'everyday' piece. So the salesgirl who'd been helping me came up to check on me and saw me with the boots and informed that they were on sale! for $12! I was so excited that I nearly cried. I purchased THE BOOTS on the spot and will be tossing my old boots in the near future.

The Old Boots:

The "short" boots

The "Tall" boots



Buckle Detail

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***EDIT: I forgot to mention I got THE boots, at Payless Shoe Source, so you can pick up a pair. And the regular price? $40.****


Christine said...

I'm drooling. I'm one of those thin-thigh (okay, I used to be) thick-ankle (okay, still) girls who could never pull off tall boots. I think the important thing about Fighting the Frump is to rock what you've're doin' it!

Jennifer said...

Those are so cute! I'll take a pair please!

Tamra said...

I love boots! And you're right, these ARE so cute.

Hey, can you believe we have goats, too. 40+ milking does... and kidding starts the end of this month... GULP. I know all about the crazy , crazy kidding season. I was living, breathing goat babies.
This year, I'm 31 weeks preggo (I am huge) so we have caretakers doing the farm work this year. Lucky me.

Lil Mouse said...

my 'moos' are too big to wear tall boots! (calves), all muscle, thankfully.. and my feet are so small that i can never find any in the right size, so they would all bend at the back of the heel and 'rub' me the wrong way. you are SO lucky! I wish they made more sizes for us girls with tiny feet!

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Oh, Hot Mama! They will go well with the jewelry that is on its way!

Love, Fussy

SAHMmy Says said...

Perfection! Great find!

{Karla} said...

those are awesome! love those!

off to payless...


Heather said...

...wiping drool off the keyboard...

They are beautiful! Great find!

And I think you're allowed to be frumpy when hanging out with the goats.

suzof7 said...

Those are fantastic! Great find! (I wonder if hubby would let me check out the stock over here!)

Amy said...

I'm still pretending that my boots from 2003 are stylish enough to wear. I so need a new pair of boots!

HRH said...

Those are beautiful! I am so glad you tried them on in the store.