Friday, February 15, 2008

Of course it is, a ruined lunch

So since Wednesday's trip down to Children's Hospital, I have been plauged by this horrible pain in my lower back. At first I ignored it and solidered on through the drive home, until the point that I was sitting in a park in ride near my home in tears because it felt as if someone was twisting a knife in my back. It was at that point I decided I could no longer ignore it, and called my doctor's office making an appointment for this morning. I was 99% sure that it was another blasted kidney infection but had no proof and refused to go spend 3 hours at the Walk In Clinic.

This morning I got up bright and early(AGAIN!) and got the toddler dressed and installed into her car seat for the short drive to the doc's office. I arrived got checked in and promptly whisked to the back. The nurse took my blood pressure, pulse and temp all 'normal'. I sat for approximately 5.7 seconds before the doctor came in and spent approximately 2 minutes with me(I was the ONLY patient) before sending me to the lab, with orders to wait for results in the waiting room. Let me tell you, you NEVER want to have to try to wrangle a toddler whilst in the lab's restroom it just is NOT fun. So I went out sat down to wait, and wait, and wait. I sat for about 30 minutes, only one other patient came in, but yet my results weren't delivered. Finally the receptionist took pity on me and went to see if the results were back, amazingly they were! So the doctor walks out to the waiting room to inform me that YES! I do have a kidney infection. He gives me a script for the meds, and offers a pain killer too but after the recent benadryl incident, I declined them(now i'm regretting that).

I ran to the pharmacy dropped off my prescription and proceded to wander around trying to remember what I needed at the grocery store. Failing to remember I picked up my prescription, we ran home grabbed some money for our lunch and went and visited grandma ginger, and grandma penny. It is always nice to see them!

We headed down to lunch with our MY friend and were horridly early. Kenzie did wonderfully keeping the resturant staff entertained, and the 2 other customers as well, while we waited. My friend arrived promptly when she should(unlike me whose an overacheiver) the waiter came over to deliver her water when all the cosmos unalligned.

He set the water down and I went to grab a crayon off the floor and had just sat back up, when suddenly my lap was DRENCHED in wetness. Of course being the dignified Wuss that I am I squealed and looked around for the culprit, only to find that my lovely darling child had spilled the giant glass of water. All over the table, and me. The waitstaff was wonderful and got it quickly cleaned up so that I could sit down and actually eat food(its a novel concept at a resturant). I must say though that for the rest of the meal I felt like a sideshow as the various waitstaff that were just coming in for the day had to trickle over to check out my soaked jeans.

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